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15 Health Benefits Of Cardamom: Spice Up Your Health

Cardamom is not just a flavorful spice, but it has myriad health benefits as well. It improves digestion, reduces stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting, and stimulates appetite. Its antioxidants protect the heart, liver, and the kidney and even prevent skin and colon cancer. Drink a cup of cardamom tea to treat cough and cold and chew a pod to fight bad breath.

4 Simple Ways To Boost Oral Health

Improper oral health is linked to health conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV, and respiratory diseases. Reduce the consumption of sugary foods, ice, caffeine, citrus foods, sticky foods, and alcohol since they lead to tooth decay. Chew on peppermint leaves to prevent infections and bad breath. Manage hormonal imbalances since they might cause mobile teeth, abscesses, and tooth loss. Rinse your mouth with cardamon and water to prevent tooth decay and bad breath.

7 Ways To Flavor Your Coffee Without Cream And Sugar

Coffee has many health benefits, but not if you add cream and sugar. A healthier option is pure vanilla extract, a classic flavor. Love mocha? Add a teaspoon of antioxidant-rich cocoa powder. For a fat-burning boost, spice things up with a dash of cayenne. Cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger offer anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative benefits. Maple syrup is a great alternative to refined white sugar. Don’t hesitate to mix and match ingredients for even more flavors.
health benefits of cardamom tea

9 Reasons Why Cardamom Tea Is Good For You

Cardamom tea is a popular beverage with a long list of health benefits. It is nutrient-rich and can protect you from heart diseases, cancer, constipation, and dental problems. Drinking cardamom tea can make your hair and skin look healthy while protecting your skin from infections. It can boost your immunity and also your metabolism that can help you lose weight. Avoid drinking cardamom tea if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or allergic to cardamom.
9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Super Spice Cardamom

9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Super Spice Cardamom

Cardamom, the third most expensive spice in the world, has been used for ages as a spice for its fragrance and flavor. In addition to these, it has numerous medicinal and therapeutic properties that help in treating many ailments. It provides protective effects against infections and helps improve immunity. It aids digestion, helps fight depression, and detoxifies the body. This super spice has been used in ayurveda for centuries.
Herbs And Spices To Make Your Desserts Flavorful

11 Herbs And Spices To Make Your Desserts Flavorful

Adding herbs and spices to your desserts makes up for any lacking flavor. Try adding nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, mace, and allspice to your pies and cakes to make them tastier. If you want your desserts to have a mild licorice-like taste, try anise or fennel seeds. Mint gives desserts like ice cream and fruit salads a refreshing taste.

Best Teas For Bronchitis

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10 Spices And Their Extraordinary Health Benefits

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6 Ways To Crush Food Cravings

Take 400-500mg of ashwagandha+brahmi every morning with breakfast and every evening before dinner to wean yourself off sugar. Drink prime juice (blend 1 cucumber, 1c spinach, 1/4c purple cabbage, 1 apple, 1 carrot, 1 beet, 1 lemon, 1" fresh ginger) in the morning before breakfast or in the afternoon when the most intense sugar cravings typically strike.

Ayurvedic Tips For Food De-Addiction

Getting out of food addiction is as difficult as getting out of substance abuse. We tend to get giddily high over some of our favorite foods. Not consuming some favorite foods is a humongous task for most of us. Ayurveda provides these few simple steps to control your food addiction and eat healthy.

Smell Good The Natural Way

Since the holiday season is just around the corner, there is a lot of pressure to look good for those family dinners, office parties,...

5 Ways In Which Cardamom Can Help You Lose Weight

Cardamom has long been an ayurvedic staple for clearing up ama or toxins in the body. Modern science recognizes this as its diuretic effect – water retention can make you look puffy. Cardamom can also prevent deposition of fat in the abdomen, lower the bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and improve glucose tolerance, all of which raise your risk of metabolic syndrome. It can also balance the gut flora and boost digestion.

11 Tips To Get Rid Of Garlic And Onion Odor In Your Breath

You can minimize the odor caused by sulfur compounds in garlic and onions. Soak sliced onion in water, lime juice or vinegar solution for some time before cooking. After eating, chew on carrots, parsley, cardamom, coffee beans or suck a lemon wedge. Drink some green or peppermint tea, apple juice or milk. Use lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or baking soda solution as a mouthwash.

Why Cardamom Is Rightly Titled The Queen Of Spices?

Cardamom's rich and varied content comes from more than 25 volatile oils, plant compounds that impart fragrance. Cardamom has been used to treat an impressive variety of health problems, including heart disease, respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, colds, and flu, and digestive problems such as bad breath, colic, constipation and diarrhea.
5 Ayurvedic Spices Every Kitchen Should Have

5 Ayurvedic Spices Every Kitchen Should Have

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