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Uncovering The Truth Behind Misleading Nutrition News

With a plethora of articles published online it's possible that some of them are mere click baits. The onus is on us to separate the wheat from chaff. How?

5 Tips To Balance Your Insulin Levels To Check Fat Storage

Perpetually high insulin levels prevent your brain from recognizing insulin in circulation. This stimulates insulin production and unnecessary storage of fat. Excess sugar also triggers fat storage. Substitute high-glycemic carbs (bread, pasta) with healthy fats (e.g. butter). Avoid artificial sweeteners that the brain mistakes for sugar. Stabilize blood sugar levels by consuming spices.

GLA – Healthy Fat For Treating Hormonal Imbalances And For Glowing Skin

Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) is good news for women. Adding GLA to your diet can help ease hormone-related symptoms like water retention, breast tenderness, cramps, and irritability. Its anti-inflammatory properties help renew the skin. It boosts immunity, reduces cholesterol, and relieves arthritis. It activates brown fat that burns calories and keeps you on the leaner side.

Dietary Tips To Control Chronic Disease-Causing Inflammation

Inflammation is the body's natural response to combat aliments. To reduce inflammation identify food allergens - shellfish, dairy, corn, soy, gluten, peanuts, citrus and avoid them. Increase intake of omega 3 fatty acids and exercise as it helps body produce anti-inflammatory hormones. Include foods like small cold water, fatty fish, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds.

5 Tips To Manage Cravings While Breastfeeding

Sleep deprivation can cause sugar cravings as your body wants an instant energy fix, so rest well. Often, thirst is mistaken for sugar craving, so stay hydrated. Include foods like sweet/white potato, squash, bananas and plantains that give you natural sugar as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Be easy on yourself even if you give in to sugar cravings, once a while.
The Easiest Way to Cook a Healthy Dinner Grab A Skillet And Juggle These Food Combinations!

The Easiest Way to Cook a Healthy Dinner: Grab A Skillet And Juggle These...

To cook a healthy dinner, pick a portion each of protein, carb, fat and veggies! Try Tortellini Pesto: Heat some oil in a skillet. Start by cooking the cubed chicken breast in the oil. Throw in some tortellini and add a dash of pesto sauce. Finally, toss in California blend veggies. Check out the other 7 food combinations and have fun experimenting with different combos!

You Must Have A Protein Shake After A Workout: Fad Or Fact?

Studies show that protein consumption post workouts doesn't improve muscle anabolism. Instead it may result in poor protein digestion and fat deposits. Consume low calories post workouts, preferably as whole foods. The actual 'window' is every 2-4 hrs, when you consume small meals through the day to help your body recover and sustain muscle mass.
Eating healthy during the holidays

5 Tips For Eating Healthy During The Holidays

There's no doubt that holidays are the best time of the year for all of us. Unfortunately, it's also the time of the year we gain those extra pounds. Follow these five tips and stay healthy: don't skip meals, eat small portions of food, offer to cook a healthy dish for a party, avoid alcohol, and add exercise to your holiday fun list.
Foods To Avoid Before Bed To Prevent Insomnia

Foods To Avoid Before Bed To Prevent Insomnia

Avoid alcohol and foods containing MSG, that upon digestion are very stimulating to the brain. Spicy foods and tomatoes cause acid reflux. Sugar and high glycemic foods cause late night dip in blood sugar triggering cortisol release that keeps you active. Eat veggies, foods rich in protein and healthy fats and small portion of whole grains. Practice meditation.
Smoothie Bowl Recipes With Balanced Carbs Proteins

Smoothie Bowl Recipes With Balanced Carbs Proteins

1. Blend 1 cup strawberries, 1 banana, 1 cup unsweetened milk, 1/4 cup vanilla protein powder and blend until smooth. Top with 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp sunflower seeds, 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds and 1 tbsp goji berries. 2. Blend 1/4 cup avocado, 1 banana, 1 cup strawberries, 1 tbsp flaxseed and 150 ml milk. Layer with granola, nuts and hemp seeds and enjoy.

Its Time We Stop Treating Coconut Water As A Sports Drink

Enjoy coconut water as a refreshing drink, it is a good source of potassium, magnesium and calcium, all of which will help you to meet your recommended intake of minerals. Post moderate exercise (less than 90 mins), your body doesn't need these minerals to replenish and in most cases water is all that is needed to rehydrate lost salts and minerals.

5 Diet Tips To Build Lean Muscle

Protein: Eggs and salmon are always good options. Carbs: Rice and beans are ideally, requirement is based on your volume. Fats: Mono-saturated fats are great for muscle, nuts are a good source. Glycemic Index: Make sure it doesn't spike, keep away processed sugars. Micro-nutrients: Eat nutrient vegetables, fruits and starchy foods.
3 Foods That You Must Refrain From To Avoid Acne

3 Foods That You Must Refrain From To Avoid Acne

Acne is a mild immune response to foods that create inflammation. Top 3 foods that cause acne problems: Dairy tops the body's list of food sensitivity foods. Eggs fall under exactly the same category as dairy and cause inflammation that is centered around the skin. High glycemic index starches and sugar provoke high insulin response which can also cause acne.

5 Great Detox Juices And Smoothies That Work Wonders

If you want a complete detoxification of your body, then try these detox juices for best results. Red Rainbow Juice If you want help with...
4 Tips To Effectively Lose Weight On A Paleo Diet

4 Simple Tips To Effectively Lose Weight On A Paleo Diet

A Paleo-style diet can be a great way to lose fat and get healthy. Don't restrict calories, restrict carbs. Eat simple but whole foods. Stick with basics like eating a protein such as beef or fish and whole-food carbs from green, leafy vegetables and fruit. Include walking, light jogging, light weight lifting. Partner with someone to keep you on track and achieve your goals.