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You can easily gain back the weight that you lost if not careful

5 Ways To Make Sure You Don’t Gain Back The Weight That You Lost

It's great that you've lost an incredible amount of weight by following a strict nutrition and exercise regime. But, once you've shed all your unwanted pounds, the real challenge is maintaining it for the rest of your life. From adopting new goals and a "never say die" attitude to weighing yourself regularly and eating plenty of protein-rich foods, there's a whole host of ways that you can use to rise up to the challenge of staying in shape for life!
reduce overall body fat)

How Much Body Fat You Need To Lose To Get Six-Pack Abs

A well-defined set of six-pack abs is the holy grail for every man who labors hard at the gym. Unfortunately for men, they hold...
give you the energy you need

11 Carbs That Can Actually Help Uncover Those Hidden Abs

Getting those abs to show is a tricky business. It's not enough to just work your ab muscles, you also need to reduce your...

How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Whoever said weight loss is easy. It isn’t. Whether you’re a new mom trying to get your flat tummy back or a 20-something longing...

6 Foods You Can Have On A Fructose-Restricted Diet

Fructose is a form of sugar found in certain fruits, vegetables, sweeteners, and processed food. People who suffer from fructose intolerance or fructose malabsorption must adopt a fructose-restricted diet. Protein options include meat, certain legumes, and beans. Carbs can be sourced from refined bread, grains, and gluten-free options. Half cup portions of vegetables and fruits, depending on one's tolerance can be consumed. Certain dairy products and beverages are also allowed.
carbs are difficult to cut down

How To Go On A Low-Carb Diet And A List Of Foods To Get...

There is no doubt that most people today are on a diet that is high in carbs and sugar which is why obesity has...
Here are some ground rules to eating low carb

9 Basic Rules To Eating A Healthy Low Carb Diet

When on a low carb diet, you must time your intake of carbs around your workout or in the morning when your metabolism is at its peak. Avoid soft drinks and processed food. Try to add more fiber into your diet and don't be afraid of healthy fats like cheese, avocado, nuts and fatty fish. Instead of only dieting, add in a workout routine.
Sugary foods are literally addictive)

9 Effective Ways To Conquer Your Food Cravings

How many times have you started out on a stringent diet only to give in to the first craving that came your way? It's...
How To Say Goodbye To Belly Fat

6 Research-Backed Ways To Say Goodbye To Belly Fat For Good

A flat tummy isn’t just about the aesthetic appeal, it’s an important indicator of how healthy you’re going to be. While excess fat on...
How To Calculate Your Daily Carb Requirement

Here’s How Many Carbs Men Actually Need In A Day

If you remember the food pyramid from back when you were in school, you might also remember that the base of the pyramid was...
Get Your Chopsticks Out And Enjoy Some Zucchini Noodles

10 Low Carb Zucchini-licious Recipes

If you are one of those conflicted people who desperately want to cut down on carbs but also happen to be a major foodie...

6 Ways To Get Your Body To Burn Fat Quickly

Ketosis is the process of converting fats to compounds called ketones. These ketones are what the body can burn to use as energy. To promote ketosis, cut down on carb intake and increase your intake of protein and healthy fats instead. Engage in weight training and high-intensity interval training. Eat smaller meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism running high.
Corticosteroids can cause serious side effects.

These Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Do More Harm Than Good

Corticosteroids are naturally produced by our body to fight inflammation. Man-made corticosteroids to fight various disease can have bad side-effects which include glaucoma, hypertension, fluid retention, brittle bones, and serious illnesses. This is because these drugs can impair our immune systems. This makes us vulnerable to bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Inflammation can be fought with the right diet and lifestyle.

9 Weight Loss Tips You Need To Follow Before Bedtime

Eating carbs or proteins for dinner could actually help you stay away from overeating the next day. A study revealed drinking rooibos tea could help reduce stress levels and belly fat. Set kitchen hours so you can avoid midnight snacking. Write a to-do list every night before you sleep and stick to it. Try keeping your bedroom free from electronics.
Carb backloading decides when you eat carbs during the day.

Everything You Need To Know About Carb Backloading

Carb loading is meant for athletes who are looking to build muscle mass. While carb loading, one avoids carbs through the day and only includes them in meal post a workout. This encourages the body to store this energy as glycogen in the muscles rather than fat. This reduces the amount of stored fat, can help reduce cravings and guilt, as well as induce better sleep.