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Sulfur Burps: Causes, Home Remedies, And Lifestyle Tips

To avoid being embarrassed by the rotten egg smell of sulfur burps, learn the root cause. Burping, both regular and the stinkers, is mostly due to digestive disorders that are plaguing your stomach. These can be anything from indigestion to the irritable bowel syndrome. Read on to know how to treat the disorders and the burps using simple home remedies.

7 Rare Yet Healthy Foods To Add To Your Grocery List

Make your grocery shopping and cooking experience more interesting with rare vegetables like chokos and cannellini beans, flavoring agents like dukkah and caraway seeds, and seaweed like arame and dulse. These foods are tasty as well as healthy when eaten in moderation. Add them to your regular recipes or experiment with them by steaming, deep frying, sauteing, or just adding them to salads.
Most Effective Natural Diuretics

7 Most Effective Foods To Reduce Water Retention

Does your feet look puffier lately? Water retention is a very common condition and affects almost each one of us at some point or...

13 Health Benefits And Medicinal Uses Of Black Caraway

Caraway has been used the world over for centuries because of its curative properties. It is extensively used in many traditional medicines to heal and treat various diseases and disorders. Caraway is an important ingredient in many different culinary preparations and is well-known for its fragrant odor and distinct flavor. It has the power to inhibit cancer cell growth, reduce cholesterol, treat skin conditions, and improve overall health.