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Which Is The Right Protein Powder For You?

Protein supplements are mostly taken by those who exercise and feel that their diet does not have the sufficient proteins needed to aid in building the body they desire. The different kinds of protein powders have different sources and thus have related benefits. Whey protein, casein, egg protein, pea protein and hemp protein are the most commonly used kinds.

3 Essential Facts About Using Marijuana As A Sleep Aid

Marijuana might be a nightcap, but like alcohol, smoking this plant changes your neurochemical regulation. It relaxes the body and reduces sleep latency, but long-term use can actually disrupt sleep quality. The habit can even cause hangover-like effects in the morning, making it hard to focus and think. Smoking marijuana before bed also reduces rapid eye movement sleep, or the last stage of rest. You’ll have less vivid dreams or none at all.

Addiction And Its Varied Effects On Women And Men

Studies have found that the impact of addiction on male and female brains are very different from each other. This is primarily due to...

6 Lesser-Known Health Benefits Of Cannabis Oil

The herb Cannabis sativa has its origins in Central Asia and is commonly known as “cannabis” or “marijuana”. This herb has traditionally been used...
Do away with regular cotton bras and opt for the organic hemp bra.)

Opt To Replace Your Regular Bra With An Organic Hemp Bra

We have come to believe that cotton is the best and most skin-friendly fabric available in the market today. This is the reason most...
Proteins are extremely important for your body as they help you maintain and build muscle mass

6 Fat-Burning Plant Foods That Have More Protein Than An Egg

If you have embarked on your journey to lose weight and if you hit the gym regularly, then you may have heard about how...

5 Things To Avoid Doing While Drinking

Drinking has become a social norm now. It has quite simply become an inevitable part of our social gatherings. A glass or two of drinks...

Can A Cannabis Capsule Replace Painkillers?

Cannabis has been a subject for hot debate in the US for quite some time now. Cannabis, popularly known as marijuana, is used for...

The Truth About Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a thick, sticky, resinous substance made up of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, that is extracted from the cannabis plant (cannabis sativa) by separating the resins from cannabis flowers using a solvent extraction process. Marijuana (with 3% - 15% THC) is the term when describing a cannabis plant bred for its medicinal or recreational use. Compounds in cannabis reduce pain, muscle spasms, ocular pressure, blood pressure, side-effects of chemotherapy, and symptoms of asthma and constipation. However, olive oil is a safer solvent for preparation of Cannabis oils for self-medication.

Does Hemp Oil Cure Cancer?

According to studies, hemp oil i.e., a cannabis or cannabinoid that include cannabinol and activate cannabinoid receptors found in our body. It can fight cancer. Hemp oil inhibits the growth of a brain tumor. It inhibits the epithelial growth factor which induces the migration of lung cancer cells and is capable of inhibiting the invasion of cancerous cells. It also inhibits cell growth as well as apoptosis in the mantle cell lymphoma.
side effects of smoking weed

The Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Weed (Marijuana)

Tempted to smoke a joint or gorge on a pot-laced brownie? Think hard before you go ahead. From general side effects like dryness of the mouth to loss of coordination, hallucinations, paranoia, rapid heart rate, and low blood pressure, among others, smoking weed does come with its fair share of risks! Chronic marijuana use can also take a toll on your brain, lung, and heart health. There is also the risk of addiction to consider.

Does Marijuana Help You Lose Weight? Here’s How Green This Grass Is

Though marijuana smokers tend to overeat after a smoke, it's been found that marijuana helps lose weight in chronic smokers. However, patients with HIV/AIDS and cancer gain weight after marijuana use. This indicates that marijuana can function as a weight modulator. Unfortunately, no weight loss is possible in short-term smokers and the health hazards of long-term smoking are too profound to overlook.

7 Healthy Seeds You Need To Add To Your Diet

Most of us love effortless ways to get a boost of nutrients. Seeds might be an answer for that. They might be small in...

Top 10 Healthy Nuts And Seeds You Should Eat

Snacking on a handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, Brazil, and macadamia nuts) and seeds (chia, hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, and flax seeds) daily may well be the perfect addition to one's diet for staving off diseases. These tiny packages are loaded with energy and nutrition; help suppress the appetite, beat flab and also keeps your heart healthy!

Your Body After Medical Marijuana

Marijuana, cannabis, weed and the many other aliases it possesses goes back around 5000 years in history. It was traditionally grown, found and used,...