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8 Home Remedies To Sort Out Thrush

Thrush is a very common yeast infection that affects the mouth or genital area. Coconut oil, tea tree oil, clove oil, or oregano oil can help tackle the infection by acting against the candida yeast. A garlic suppository, chamomile or goldenseal wash, and probiotic yogurt can also help.

Bad Breath: An Indicator Of Underlying Health Conditions

Struggling with a bad breath? Have you felt socially handicapped due to bad breath that you are trying to get rid of? If yes,...

6 Things Men Can Do To Avoid Becoming Yeast Magnets

Men can suffer from yeast infections that can be quite distressing. Lack of adequate intimate hygiene, sweat retention in private parts, a diet rich in refined sugars, alcoholism, and chronic stress can all contribute to candida overgrowth. Strengthening the immunity is the best way to overpower a yeast infection. Dietary and lifestyle changes can help in enhancing one's immunity and preventing candidiasis.

9 Reasons Why You’re Seeing White Specks In Your Poop

If you’ve been paying close attention to your poop and see white globs in it, you might be wondering what they are. Poop isn’t...

7 Possible Reasons Why Your Penis Is So Itchy

An itchy penis can be uncomfortable and painful. But pinpointing the exact reason behind an itchy penis can be difficult because there are a...
Tongue pain: Causes and treatment

Pain On Your Tongue: Possible Causes And Treatment

Tongue pain is commonly the result of ulcers, canker sores, oral thrush, and a geographic tongue. Smoking can also cause tongue pain. Less common causes of tongue pain include oral cancer and glossodynia. Some of the ways to prevent tongue pain is to eat a diet rich in folic acid, vitamin B6, and iron. Topical application of anti-inflammatory agents like honey, aloe vera gel will help soothe the sores and provide relief from pain.
How gut bacteria can affect food cravings

How The Bacteria In Your Gut Can Affect Food Cravings

What you eat is who you are or what your gut bacteria want you to be. The gurt-brain axis is a strong neural connection. When you have larger colonies of unhealthy bacteria, they cause you to crave for unhealthy foods and ruin your mood when you don’t comply! Getting rid of them involves a planned, healthful diet, and sheer willpower. This can be hard. But once your body is colonized by good bacteria, you won't witness cravings.
(Candida is a type of yeast which has many varieties)

These 6 Healthy Foods Surprisingly Cause Candida Overgrowth

Candida is a type of yeast which has many varieties. And out of them, about 20 are known to cause health issues in humans....
why is my tongue white

Why Is My Tongue White? 7 Possible Causes

Fungal infections, irritants like spicy food and alcohol, vitamin deficiencies, and sexually transmitted diseases can all affect the color of your tongue. Some conditions that can give you a white tongue include leukoplakia, oral lichen planus, geographic tongue, oral thrush, syphilis, and even oral cancer. Ayurveda considers a white tongue to be indicative of the presence of ama and an excess of kapha.

6 Reasons For Supplementing Your Gut With Probiotics Today

A thriving micro-fauna can increase your life span by several years. Micro-fauna present in your gut can greatly affect the quality of your life...
unwanted bacteria and viruses

7 Gross Infections You Can Pick Up At The Gym And How To Treat...

The world around us and our bodies are filled with billions of microorganisms, both harmful and the helping kind. Most of the time, our...
Ways to use coconut oil for yeast infection.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Yeast Infection

The itching, burning sensation and other discomforts that come with a yeast infection are never a pleasant experience. Even though there are many over-the-counter...

7 Health Benefits Of Narra Leaves (Angsana)

Narra leaves have been medicinally important from ancient times in Asia. Narra tree is scientifically known as Pterocarpus indicus. People in Philippines call this...
Yeast infection affects over 75% women in the world.

Easy Ways To Treat Yeast Infection With Oregano Oil

At least at some point in their lives, 75% of the women in the world get affected by yeast infection. It is caused by...

11 Natural Remedies For Oral Thrush In Adults

Oral thrush is a fungal infection caused by Candida – a type of yeast. It develops when you don't have enough "good" bacteria to control it. To restore that balance, eat probiotic foods like fermented yogurt, kefir, miso, or tempeh. Probiotics are also available as pills or powder. To fight the fungus, eat foods like garlic, coconut oil, turmeric, and honey. With a cotton swab, you can also apply a small amount of clove or thyme oil.