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How to burn calories after binge-eating.

How To Burn Calories After You’ve Eaten Way Too Much

Holidays equate to delicious food, reckless eating, and of course, the inevitable weight gain. Even if you've been strictly following your diet, the holiday...

10 Ways You Can Easily Cut Down On Your Calories

Many of you might be looking for ways to maintain a healthy weight. True that eating healthy food is the key to lose weight,...

5 Science-Backed Reasons Why Low-Carb Diets Work

The typical Western diet is full of “bad” refined carbs, but going low-carb is useful for skipping all the junk. Limiting carbs will instantly reduce sugar and the calories that come with it. This leaves more room for protein and fat, two nutrients that increase satiety and fullness. Just be sure to choose “good” sources for lots of nutrients and fewer calories. The lower carb intake will also reduce glucose stores, forcing the body to break down fat for energy.
All calories are not processed the same way

Here’s How Your Body Processes Different Kinds Of Calories

Weight watchers usually start out any meal by religiously counting the calories in it first. However, the old formula of weight loss being proportionate...

Where Does All The Fat Go After Regular Exercise?

Body fat is important for the normal functioning of the body. However, an excess of it can cause health conditions like heart diseases. Therefore, it is important to exercise and stay fit. Research shows that when we exercise, most of the excess fat is expelled out of the body through carbon dioxide and water from sweat and urine.

Top 5 Diet Myths That Hinder Weight Loss

In the eagerness to lose weight fast, many people fall prey to myths related to weight loss. By adopting unscientific and incorrect dietary practices, they may end up causing more harm to their health instead of losing weight gradually. Completely avoiding carbs and gluten, following detox diets, and eliminating foods that are vital for health are some common mistakes that people do while trying to lose weight.

How To Drink Alcohol Without Gaining Weight

Drinking alcohol in excess has many negative effects on your body, including making you gain weight. If you're trying to maintain a healthy weight, you need not quit drinking alcohol completely. Moderation is the key. Adopt some healthy habits like being conscious of what you drink, eating healthy snacks before, during, and after drinking, and focus on reducing the calories.

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Able To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Reducing the waistline and getting a toned midsection is probably one the biggest driving factors for most overweight people to toil in the gym....

Broccoli Vs. Cauliflower: Which Is Healthier?

Broccoli and cauliflower are the cruciferous rock-stars of the veggie kingdom because of their cancer fighting powers. Weight-watchers love them because they pack in...
Snack rules to help you lose weight

7 Snack Rules To Follow If You Want To Lose Weight

One of the biggest reasons people put on weight is because of their snacking habits. When you’re hungry, you want something quick and convenient...

7 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Spinning

Spinning is touted as one of the best options to burn a lot of calories. And, it can burn up to 600 calories an hour. However, certain exercises are just as good as spinning. Skipping builds endurance and strength. Battle ropes and swimming tone your muscles. Rowing improves core strength. Running improves cardiovascular fitness. Boxing improves posture and cognitive health. Lastly, burpees are a challenging way to get a full body workout.

Here’s A Weekly Meal Plan That Helps You Lose Weight

Since most Americans are either overweight or obese, weight loss is something that is on many people’s minds. Diet and exercise are two crucial factors that determine your body mass index (BMI). A healthy diet plan that promotes weight loss consists of various essential nutrients that your body requires so that in the process of losing weight, you don’t end up fatigued. Follow this 7-day meal plan to lose weight.

4 Restaurant Menu Items That Serve As Calorie Overkills

Dishes like omelettes stuffed with hamburger patties and prime ribs are already high in calorie and saturated fat content. Since these are almost always accompanied by sides like buttermilk pancakes or mashed potatoes, the calorie meter shoots up even higher, making one meal at a restaurant carry at least 1800-1900 calories. This is almost equivalent to an entire day's worth of an average healthy person's calorie-intake.

5 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Chisel Your Lower Abs

Your body is naturally designed to store fat around your abdomen, making it harder to carve your lower abs. Not having a calorie deficit or doing the wrong core exercises could also be some mistakes you're making. Loose skin resulting out of sudden, quick weight loss could also hide your lower abs while there's also a rare chance that your abdomen wall is not genetically built for a 6 pack.
How to build your muscles and lose fat

6 Mistakes That Make You Lose Muscle, Not Fat

When you want to drop pounds off the weighing scale, what you really want to do is shed fat. Fat is the stuff that...