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9 Most-Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Most of the nutrients we need are easy to get from a balanced, whole-food-based diet. However, there are a few nutrients that are essential...

Tooth Ache During Pregnancy: Causes & Treatments

Frequent hormonal and dietary shifts during pregnancy may leave you prone to sensitive teeth and gums. For a quick fix, you may try all-natural (and highly safe!) remedies like applying a hot or cold compress to the affected area and chewing on a piece of raw onion, garlic, or some fresh spinach leaves. Equally soothing can be a salt-water gargle or rinse.

Signs Of Nutritional Deficiencies In Children

Nutrients are inevitable during the growing stages of kids. If they become nutrient deficient, it will lead to severe health complications. Parents should be...
7 Steps to Prevent Calcium Deficiency

7 Steps To Prevent Calcium Deficiency

What would we do if we had no bones? We would just be all skin, spineless. Could not even stand, can’t even walk. That...