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14 Celebrities Who’ve Given Birth Via C-Section

The growing C-section rate is always the subject of debate and is one that is closely associated with Hollywood. Though the home-birth movement is...

Cesarean Section In Photos: Step-By-Step

About a third of all the births in the USA are cesarean sections. We give you here a detailed step-by-step photo essay on a...

Dad’s Guide to Hospital Birth

Most dads find the birth of their baby to be one of life's greatest moments. And it'sĀ even better if you know that you've been...

Are There Natural Ways To Enhance Healing Process After Childbirth?

Preventing digestive disorders is key. Eat foods with protein (encourages tissue growth), vit C (fights infections), iron (replenishes hemoglobin after excessive bleeding), omega-3s (avoids depression), and calcium. Eat foods (soups, porridges, ghee) that bring your vata dosha to normal levels. Keep your perineal area clean. Indulge in yoga, warm oil massages, and low-intensity workouts.
Effective Ways To Reduce Tummy After A C-Section

Effective Ways To Reduce Tummy After C-Section

Reducing your tummy after C-section is about not just looking good but also your health. So gently massage your stomach to break up the tissue. Take up these light exercises to tone your tummy and get it in good shape. Know that it is important to focus on your health as well post the procedure and not just the baby's.
7 Myths About Pregnancy Busted !!

7 Myths About Pregnancy Busted !!

Pregnancy is an amazing process. However, as a first time mom-to-be, I can testify that pregnancy can also be a nerve-wracking experience. Thanks to...
12 Medical Procedures Even Doctors Claim Are Useless.

12 Medical Procedures Even Doctors Claim Are Useless.

  Doctors are often criticized for prescribing unneeded tests and procedures that harm more than they help and add to medical costs that could otherwise...