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7 Hip Stretches That Will Improve Your Range Of Motion

Sitting for a long time can decline your hips' range of motion. You need a flexible hip to walk, run, or do weight training. To stay flexible and healthy without any pain, work your hips with regular stretching exercises. With no need for equipment or a gym, yoga can work on your hips. From rotating your hips to opening up the outer thighs, these poses will prepare your hips for each workday.

6 Simple Hip Stretches To Help You Squat Better

Hip stretching exercises like hip rotations, squatting internal rotations, pigeon stretch and frog pose aim at relaxing the tense hip and thigh muscles. Stiffened hip muscles will prevent you from doing a full squat efficiently. Spending too much time sitting is the reason why hip mobility reduces. Performing stretches regularly will improve your flexibility thereby making it easier for you to do squats.

8 Yoga Poses To Relieve Constipation

Yoga can be used very efficiently to relieve constipation. Asanas such as pavanmuktasana (wind-releasing pose), natarajasana (lying-down body twist), sarvangasana (shoulder stand), halasana (plow pose), baddha konasana (butterfly pose), mayurasana (peacock pose), and ardha matsyendrasana (half spinal twist) all have proven benefits in relieving such digestive issues. Kapalbhati or skull cleansing also works on the abdominal muscles and assists in bowel movement.

8 Simple Yoga Stretches To Heal Sore Muscles

Yoga is a great tool to help stretch different muscle groups and relax the body in preparation for, or after, a workout. Hand to feet pose helps stretch the spine while palm tree pose is good for the shoulder muscles. Upward- and downward-facing dog poses are good for stretching the entire body. The butterfly pose helps relax the pelvic muscles and the groin, while the divine dancer pose works on the quadriceps. When using yoga for stretching, remember to consciously relax each muscle group and breathe easy.

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5 Yin Yoga Poses To Help Calm A Cluttered Mind

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Yoga poses to help with tight hip flexors

7 Yoga Poses To Help Relieve Tight Hip Flexors

Hip flexors are attached to your spine and bones in the pelvis, thigh, and knees and let you bend forward. If they’re too tight, back pain and injury are likely. Loosen them up with the butterfly pose, low lunge, or the downward-facing dog for a full body stretch. To strengthen and lengthen the hamstrings, try standing and seated forward bends. For a backward bend, try the camel or bow pose.
Poses That Prove It's Possible To Do Yoga In Bed

7 Poses That Prove It’s Possible To Do Yoga In Bed

Doing yoga is surprisingly easy in a bed. Dealing with back pain? Try a reclining spinal twist, knee-to-chest back stretch, or cobra pose. You can also do hip openers like the butterfly. If you feel tense, loosen up with a playful happy baby pose. Child's pose and corpse pose are awesome for relaxation. These moves can work for both morning and night, so don't limit yourself. It's the best way to move in and out of bed.

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