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Identifying Skin Bumps And When It Needs Medical Intervention

When unusual lumps are noticed on your body, it sends the alarm bells ringing and fears that it may be cancerous creep in. However, not all such lumps are cancerous and there is no need to be alarmed, as most of them may disappear without needing any medical attention. But, they should not be ignored either and you must learn to identify them and know when to consult your doctor.
aging-related feet problems and care

5 Tips For Proper Foot Care As We Age

The feet are the least acknowledged parts of the body. Especially as we age, the skin elasticity reduces and muscle wasting increases. Wearing well-supported footwear, maintaining proper feet hygiene can help prevent pain and infections of the feet. You have to very careful with your feet if you are a diabetic. Daily foot exercises can also boost their blood circulation and strength.
get rid of bunions naturally

5 Tips To Relieve Bunion Pain Naturally Without Surgery

Switch to low-heeled shoes that are wide enough for your toes; prefer to use foam, felt, or gel bunion pads to avoid putting extra pressure on the inflamed joint. Massage the bunion with 3-4 drops of undiluted lemon essential oil or oils/tinctures containing marigold. Practice pain relieving foot exercises like toe spread, heel raise, and short foot exercise.

Are You Wearing The Right Pair Of Shoes?

Ill-fitting or narrow shoes can increase your risks of toe deformities, pinched nerves, calluses, bunion, corns, and even arthritis. Buy shoes on the basis of your lifestyle, purpose for wearing them, feet shape, and health conditions. Select shoes that are well-fitted, well cushioned with gripping rubber soles, and have wide heels (choose wedge heels over stilettos) that support your arch.
How To Get Rid Of Bunions Naturally?

What Is A Bunion And How To Treat Naturally?

Bunions are large bony abnormal growths in the inner portion of the joint at the base of the big toe. This additional bone formation together with the misalignment of the big toe causes it to protrude out. Common causes are influenza, tonsillitis, poor metabolism, etc. Best home remedies are bay leaves, soap method, using olive oil, castor oil, red pepper and ice packs.