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5 Common Mistakes You May Make With Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. However, make sure you do the steps the right way. Avoid holding your breath during the exercises. Kegel exercises are not only about squeezing the muscles but also lifting them inward. Do not overwork your muscles or use the wrong muscles like your buttocks and thighs. Do not wait too long for your results.

7 Natural Ways To Cleanse Your Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system eliminates toxic waste from our body and is vital for our immunity. A blocked or sluggish lymphatic system might cause health problems that need cleansing. Stay hydrated to keep the lymph system from slowing down. Try skin brushing and deep breathing to improve circulation and lymphatic flow. Exercise regularly to keep the lymphatic cells and filters working efficiently. Cleanse the lymph system by eating clean, using essential oils, and sweating a lot.
Breathing exercises can reduce stress and increase your stamina

4 Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress Anytime, Anywhere

Pranayama is the regulation of the prana (life force) and breath is the external manifestation of the prana (life force). By regulating the breath, we can gain mastery...

Don’t Panic When You’re Panicking – Here’s The Lowdown On Panic Attacks

In the event of a panic attack, the last thing you should do is let the thought of the attack frighten you. Many people...
moves flowing into each other

The Most Underrated Exercise You’re Probably Not Doing

At its very core, tai chi is all about creating harmony within yourself which then extends to your relationships with others and finally with...
Breathe Easy With These 6 Home Remedies For Asthma

Breathe Easy With These 6 Home Remedies For Asthma

Not only is asthma treatment very expensive, but it also inflicts a lot of pain and fear on many people. However, with the help of some effective home remedies, we can not only save ourselves money, but also relieve ourselves from the symptoms. From drinking garlic and clove tea to massaging our chest with mustard oil to consuming plenty of onions – here are six of the most tried and tested asthma home remedies that actually work.

6 Ways To Relieve Stress At Work

Stress at the workplace is common. High stress leads to lowered productivity and causes chronic health diseases or depression if left untreated. To ease stress, you can progressive muscle relaxation or pranayama and ease anxiety. A calming jar makes for a good distraction. L-theanine in green tea relieves stress and anxiety. Laughing improves emotional well-being. Taking more breaks, staying organized, and engaging in regular exercises are some more ways to not let stress get the better of you. 

7 Easy Ways To Bond With Your Premature Baby In NICU

Under certain circumstances, your baby has to stay in the hospital for an extended period after birth, especially, when they are born earlier than...
A Reminder As To Why We Must Stop Overlooking The Negatives Of Fast Food

9 Detrimental Effects Of Fast Food On Your Body

The fast food industry has become so closely associated with our lifestyle that its benefits in terms of low costs, easy availability and fast...

9 Natural Ways To Deal With Anxiety Attacks

Unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet and lack of exercise together cause anxiety. Anxiety affects millions of people worldwide and is a growing problem. It can cause various health conditions and in the long run, may even cause cardiac problems including stroke and heart attack. Simple and natural methods involving changes to the diet and lifestyle combined with exercises can help overcome anxiety and beat stress.

Should You Be Worried About Having Hiccups In Pregnancy ?

Remember the time you experienced annoying bouts of hiccups and tried everything in your ability to get rid of them? You are sure to...
Everything You Need To Know About Atrial Flutter

All You Need To Know About Atrial Flutter

Atrial flutter occurs when the heart beats faster than usual. Palpitations, fast pulse rate, breathlessness, chest pain, and dizziness are common symptoms. Valsalva maneuver, deep breathing, cold water baths, vigorous exercises, and eating heart-healthy foods can treat heart palpitations. Keep your heart healthy by avoiding caffeinated foods/drinks, alcohol, and too much sugar.

What Does Arrhythmia During Sleep Or Exercise Mean?

Arrhythmia is a condition where the heart beat is abnormal and often fluctuates. It may occur even while you are asleep or exercising. Many factors play a role in causing arrhythmia, which affects the efficient blood flow throughout the body. People with sleep-related breathing disorders may also suffer from arrhythmia. Hence, it is important to know what arrhythmia that occurs during sleep or exercise means.

14 Early Signs Of Cancer You Should Keep An Eye On

Do you feel tired easily, have difficulty swallowing food, or feel any discomfort when you're gorging on a fatty meal? Your body may be hinting that all's not well! These symptoms are just one of many other warning signs of cancer. It is important that you don't pass off any of these signs as a common occurrence and seek medical assistance as soon as possible.
The health of our lungs can be promoted with simple measures at home.

5 Ways To Keep Your Lungs Healthy And Strong

Our lungs keep us breathing, and we often tend to ignore our lung health. Most of the time, we are ignorant of how to...