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Back pain is an unusual symptom of breast cancer

Could Your Back Pain Indicate Breast Cancer?

There are many other factors which may be the body’s warning signal of cancer, other than the usual lump in the breasts. Back pain happens to be one of the unusual symptom, suggestive of a metastasized breast cancer. We usually don't think as far as cancer when suffering from back pain though it is a symptom that can trigger early detection. Early stage diagnosis and advances in treatment options can help women improve their survival chances provided they look out for the signs and seek help.
Breastfeeding has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer

5 Ways How Breastfeeding Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

Lifestyle factors are often attributed to the development of breast cancer. However, there are some ways to reduce the risk of developing it and breastfeeding is one known way. It has been shown repeatedly that women who breastfeed are at lesser risk of developing breast cancer after menopause. Even just five months of breastfeeding for mothers of all ages can reduce the risk by up to 2 percent. A hormonal link also exists, and it can be said that breastfeeding helps release oxytocin which has protective effects.
Breasts and the prostate are similar in their composition and function

Her Breasts and His Prostate…So Different Yet So Similar

Breasts and prostates are organs that are sources of fascination, curiosity, and fear. Breasts – situated in the chest, superficial to the pectorals –...

Does Exercise Help Lower Your Risk Of Breast Cancer?

Studies show that you can significantly reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by staying fit. Fitness reduces the activity of the cells that are at a risk of becoming cancerous. Regular exercise can cut down your risk by up to 18%. You don't have to perform intense workouts - just a round of brisk walking and a yoga session can greatly help.

Aspirin And Breast Cancer Prevention: Is There A Link?

A 2017 study found that low-dose aspirin reduces breast cancer risk. Experts think the anti-inflammatory effects of aspirin suppresses tumor growth and estrogen. But, aspirin prevents only one subtype of breast cancer: HR-positive/HER2-negative breast cancer. It should be taken at a low dose of 81 milligrams and no more. An overdose can lead to internal bleeding and anything beyond 100 milligrams does not have any benefits.
signs and symptoms of breast cancer

Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer You Must Know

Knowing how to spot early signs as well as regular check-ups is your best bet in the fight against breast cancer. Lump in the breast is a symptom that has alerted many women to their condition. Also watch for changes to overall appearance of the breast – especially orange peel skin, nipple discharge, rash or redness of skin, and swelling in the area including armpits. Even men need to be alert to these signs of breast cancer on the off chance of developing it.

5 Most Prevalent Types Of Cancer In Women

‘Prevention is better than cure’ , we have all heard of this proverb. Even though this proverb is a cliche, it holds in itself...

Debunking 7 Myths About Soy Milk With Facts

Known for its positive effects mainly in reducing postmenopausal symptoms in women, soy milk also has a number of other health benefits for the bones, the heart, and cognitive health. Most of the myths surrounding soy milk have no conclusive research supporting them. These myths have resulted in misconceptions that prevent people from reaping the actual benefits of soy milk.
8 Things To Know About Sex After Breast Cancer

8 Things To Know About Sex After Breast Cancer

Constant communication with your partner is essential. Several breast cancer survivors insist on joining a support group as well. You don’t have to rush things. Do it according to your own pace. Several breast cancer survivors suggest trying lots of other ways besides penetration during the beginning. Try masturbating, use your fingers and tongue a lot, and massage each other with scented oils.
6 Reasons Why The Age Of Your First Period Matters

6 Reasons Why The Age Of Your First Period Matters

The age of your first period can be an indicator of many interesting things about your nutrition, future health, and even your life. Not only can it make some noteworthy predictions about your risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and breast cancer – but can also tell you whether you'll suffer from complications during pregnancy.
Feel like you’re in control of the situation again

9 Things To Do After You Get Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Try to come to terms with the diagnosis and work through your emotions. Then seek out support from those around you as well as other breast cancer patients or survivors. Don't be afraid to ask questions about your treatment. You may want to bring someone else to the doctor's appointments so that you have an extra set of ears. Eat a healthy diet and incorporate some exercise into your routine.

4 Reasons Why Sex Is Important For A Longer Life

While indulging in it every now and then can make you feel great, regular sex is also important for better health. Sex improves your immunity and heart health, eases your stress, and helps you get sound sleep. Not just that, it may also reduce your chances of acquiring prostate/breast cancer.

10 Need To Know Foods That Fight Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can occur for any women and of any age. Although there are a lot of medical treatments for this problem. It can be controlled if the proper foods are consumed. These foods can limit the growth of the cancer cells and also control them. These foods include, leafy vegetables, flax seeds, garlic, salmon, berries, Brazil nuts, pomegranate, broccoli, green tea and peppers.
Gardening can help reduce the risk of breast cancer

3 Ways How Gardening Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Gardening will lower your risk for breast cancer, the second leading cause of death for American women. Stress is a major factor, but gardening provides relief. It stops the “stress hormone” cortisol from building up and helping cancer grow. Gardening also gives you a chance to exercise, which reduces inflammation and estrogen. Even your immunity will flourish. Finally, gardening makes it easy to eat fruits and veggies, which are full of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

7 Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Exercising, quitting smoking, drinking in moderation, breastfeeding when possible, and eating a healthy diet are great lifestyle changes to make when trying to prevent the incidence of breast cancer. It is also wise to avoid hormone-based therapy that is normally prescribed for post-menopausal symptoms. Annual checkups are recommended for women over 40. All adult women should perform a self-exam, at home as well.