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4 Common Signs Of Hormone Imbalance In Men

Whether you're sitting, running, playing, or sleeping, there are millions of chemical reactions going on in your body all the time. While most of...
our body needs carbs to fuel it for the different activities it performs during the day

5 Reasons You Should Be Loading Up On More Carbs

If you are working out or have been on a diet in order to lose weight, then it is certain that you have been...

Foods That Cause Brain Fog And What You Can Eat Instead

Brain fog or cognitive dysfunction is the inability to perform everyday tasks, simple calculations, and process memories. Some cases can be quite severe while others are barely noticeable. If you have symptoms of a brain fog, always evaluate for gluten sensitivity. Refined carbohydrates and caffeine dependence are other factors to consider. Alcohol and artificial sweeteners are known to harm the brain. To combat brain fog, opt for healthy foods like gluten free grains, non-caffeinated drinks, natural sweeteners, and whole grain products instead.

All-Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Brain Fog

Get rid of your brain fog with some dietary and lifestyle changes. Protein-rich foods increase mood-regulating serotonin. Including whole carbs instead of refined ones can keep a check on blood sugars. A healthy gut can keep your brain healthy, too. Regular exercises, yoga practices, and enough sleep can improve focus, concentration, and mental clarity.
6 Foods That Can Quickly Relieve Brain Fog

6 Foods That Can Quickly Relieve Brain Fog

Various factors such as stress, lack of sleep, menopause, some prescription drugs, neurological disorders can cause brain fog in some people. When brain fog occurs, we can lose focus, experience poor memory recall, and even suffer from reduced mental acuity. Thankfully, some nutrient-rich foods that are loaded with phytonutrients contain properties that nourish your brain and can help you recover from brain fog.
Oversleeping can lead to serious medical conditions in the future

7 Side Effects of Oversleeping That You Should Know About

It is important to sleep, but it is more important to not overdo this and sleep more than required. Oversleeping is indicative of depression, diabetes, obesity, and triggers headaches. It is good to learn to get the adequate amount of sleep every day depending on the individual need. Moreover, once you begin to oversleep, it can become a habit quite quickly. Oversleeping has also been linked with fertility issues in women. It also causes inflammation and decreased brain function.
There are certain foods that cause and worsen brain fog.)

5 Foods That Cause Brain Fog You’re Better Off Avoiding

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9 Signs Your Body Needs A Detox Immediately

Your body has a way of deviating from its normal behavior when loaded with toxins. Identifying the symptoms like extreme lethargy, constipation, bloating, lack of concentration, insomnia, frequent headaches, sexual dysfunction, body odor, mood swings, depression, and change in the way your tongue appears helps detox your body in time.

10 Signs You Need More Protein In Your Diet

Protein deficiency can slow down muscle recovery, increase insulin, and a weaken immunity. Lack of sufficient protein can cause muscle soreness even 3-4 days after a workout, leave you fatigued, cause loss of lean muscle and hair, increase hunger and sugar cravings, and make it difficult to concentrate. Consume 0.8 gms protein per kg of your body weight every day.
Symptoms of thyroid dirorder

12 Million Women Ignore These Symptoms Of Thyroid Disorder

An estimated 27 million Americans are living with a thyroid condition and they are not even aware of it! The numbers would be much...

5 Things That Might Be Causing Irritating Brain Fog

Brain fog is not a natural part of aging. Poor quality or less hours of sleep, protein deficiency, constant long term stress or digestive imbalance can cause inflammation and hormonal imbalance leading to brain fog. Eat good fats rich in omega-3s like flax seed and coconut oil and supplement with quality probiotics. Avoid problem foods like dairy, eggs and wheat.