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Nootropic Supplements to Boost Brain Power

11 Amazing Nootropic Supplements To Boost Brain Power

Nootropic supplements have been found to improve your brain skills. It can also offer protection from cognitive decline related to age. Some of the best are fish oil, phosphatidylserine, caffeine, resveratrol, creatine, acetyl-l-carnitine, rhodiola rosea, ginkgo biloba, bacopa monnieri, s-adenosyl methionine, and ginseng. Make sure to check with your doctor for the right dosage.
Brahmi has some side effects

7 Side Effects Of Brahmi You Should Know

Brahmi is known for improving brain function. However, if you have a slow heart rate or dry mouth, brahmi will make it worse. Its sedative effect can also progress into muscular fatigue. If you take too much, this herb will overstimulate your thyroid gland and cause infertility. People with hyperthyroidism should definitely avoid it. Additional side effects include digestive problems, dry mouth, and weight gain.
Brahmi has many health benefits

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Brahmi Tea For Your Health

Brahmi tea is made with one of the most important Ayurvedic plants. It’s known for enhancing the connection between neurons. As a result, your brain function and memory will improve. You’ll also feel better after drinking brahmi tea since it can relieve depression and stress. These benefits will protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Beyond the brain, this herb boosts immunity and protects the heart.
natural treatment for parkinson's disease

All You Need To Know About Treating Parkinson’s Disease Naturally

Natural treatment for Parkinson's disease (PD) can complement standard treatment and improve quality of life. Natural supplements like velvet bean, brahmi, broad beans, and fish oil regulate and boost dopamine in the brain, reduce nerve cell death, and reduce depression. Tea, coffee, veggies like cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes, and fruits like pears and grapes reduce risk of PD. Exercise can strengthen the muscles and bring back control over movement.
The Soul Of All Herbs In Ayurveda

16 Proven Health Benefits Of Brahmi For The Brain And The Body

Brahmi, a popular ayurvedic herb, can indeed enhance memory and boost learning by fighting free radical damage in the brain, forming new nerve connections, and balancing essential neurotransmitter levels. Brahmi may even treat Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and improve some symptoms of epilepsy and schizophrenia.

Benefits Of Brahmi Amla Oil For Healthy Hair

Hair fall and other hair related problems commonly affect many people around the world. Often, natural and inexpensive alternatives such as brahmi-amla hair oil are more effective in treating these problems. Alopecia, premature graying, dandruff and many other problems can be cured and prevented by using brahmi-amla hair oil. Some major hair conditions that can be treated with brahmi-amla hair oil are mentioned here.

Health Benefits Of Brahmi Leaves

Brahmi (also known as Bacopa Monnieri) has been used since time immemorial to improve cognitive ability, relieve stress, and as a popular aphrodisiac. It has great value in ayurvedic medicine mainly used as nerve tonic to treat insomnia, ADHD, Alzheimer's, and other mental illnesses. However, the leaves are safe for use in moderate doses and can be taken in a tablet form too.

6 Ways To Crush Food Cravings

Take 400-500mg of ashwagandha+brahmi every morning with breakfast and every evening before dinner to wean yourself off sugar. Drink prime juice (blend 1 cucumber, 1c spinach, 1/4c purple cabbage, 1 apple, 1 carrot, 1 beet, 1 lemon, 1" fresh ginger) in the morning before breakfast or in the afternoon when the most intense sugar cravings typically strike.

Ayurvedic Tips For Food De-Addiction

Getting out of food addiction is as difficult as getting out of substance abuse. We tend to get giddily high over some of our favorite foods. Not consuming some favorite foods is a humongous task for most of us. Ayurveda provides these few simple steps to control your food addiction and eat healthy.

4 Ayurvedic Herbs That Help Boost Your Brain Power

Balance the mental states of your brain, rajas and tamas, by consuming brain nurturing herbs in powder form or with milk. Shankpushpi improves intellect and cures insomnia, anxiety, and loss of memory. Brahmi relieves stress by pacifying the pitta dosha (fire). Jatamansi targets the nervous system and can treat epislepy, hysteria, etc. Shatavari improves eyesight, induces sleep, and fights fatigue.

Super-Healthy Foods And Herbs To Increase Your Brain Power!

We live in a society that demands our brain to work at a 100 percent. We constantly juggle facts, inputs, information, tasks, responsibilities, and process...
Brahmi The Herb That Improves Your Brain Health

Brahmi: The Herb That Improves Your Brain Health

There has been a good amount of research to show that Brahmi has a significant positive effect on the retention of new information. Many children and adolescents are advised to take Brahmi as a supplement for improving memory power and mental ability. This herb significantly improves the speed of visual information processing, learning rate, and memory consolidation, thus enhancing learning ability.
Ayurvedic Brain Tonic For Memory: Does It Work?

Ayurvedic Brain Tonic For Memory: Does It Work?

Bacopa monniera Linn, aka Brahmi is naturally occurring herb in India and has a long history of use in the Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of a number of disorders, especially related to the brain- anxiety, intellect and poor memory. Research studies has proven its effectiveness in boosting blood circulation to the brain and increasing memory and retention capabilities.