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Can I Get Rid Of My Back Fat Bra Bulge Forever?

Get Rid Of Your Bra Bulge With These 9 Exercises And Yoga Poses

T-Raises: Stand with feet hip width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Bend at your knees, lean forward, keep back straight. Hold weights in front of you and move to sides forming a T. Mountain Climbers: Get into plank position. Bring left knee to chest and pull it back. Bring right knee to chest and replicate a climbing motion. Repeat for about 8 to 10 reps.

6 Common Lingerie Mistakes And How To Steer Clear Of Them

When it comes to dressing right, wearing the right underwear is half the battle won. Before picking up a bra, check whether it's the right size, style and color, and also make sure it complements your outfit. If you're wearing tight trousers or skirts, wear seamless underwear. And of course, never repeat the same underwear twice and keep things hygienic down there!
Thing You Should Not Be Doing To Your Breasts

8 Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Breasts

Are you giving your breasts the tender loving care they deserve? While breasts are almost every woman’s favorite feature, most of us take them...

What To Expect From Mastectomy Products

Cancer? It only happens to others. A friend’s mother. A colleague from work. A neighbor. But in reality, these things lurk much closer than...
Do away with regular cotton bras and opt for the organic hemp bra.)

Opt To Replace Your Regular Bra With An Organic Hemp Bra

We have come to believe that cotton is the best and most skin-friendly fabric available in the market today. This is the reason most...
9 reasons to love your small breasts.

Why You Should Love Your Small Breasts

From padded bras to breast implants, society suggests that bigger breasts are better. But that's not always true! Bra shopping is easy when you have small breasts. You can even get away without wearing a bra. Pain in the back, shoulders, and neck is also less likely. There’s a lowered risk of poor posture, painful strap marks, and skin irritation. Exercising is also more comfortable. And less breast tissue reduces breast cancer risk.
Fight the bra bulge and back fat with seven easy moves.

7 Easy Exercises To Shred That Unattractive Bra Bulge

If you are giving a second thought before wearing that pretty, strapless dress, or still thinking about buying that cute summer top because of...
The Best Sleepwear Tips For Better Sleep

7 Tips On Dressing For A Good Night’s Sleep

The seven or eight hours you spend doing absolutely nothing might be the most important part of your day. Getting adequate sleep means you...

6 Reasons That Will Make You Consider Ditching Your Bra

New evidence suggests that wearing bras isn’t quite the way forward, and that going bra-less actually has a number of benefits. These not only include improved blood circulation and stronger pectoral muscles, but also better quality sleep and more comfort. The biggest benefit of all? Naturally perkier and rounder breasts that enhance your overall body shape! With benefits like these, who needs more reason to ditch their bras?
Woman saying something

10 Sayings That Every Woman Can Relate To

When God created women, he bestowed them with wit, beauty, and kindness, all of them together. Women have an amazing sense of incredibility and...
Is Your Bra Causing You Health Problems?

Is Your Bra Causing You Health Problems?

An ill-fitting bra can cause a lot of problems. It'll be uncomfortable to wear throughout the day! If a bra is too tight, it will leave deep indents in the skin. A bra without enough support will also increase the risk for back pain, neck pain, and poor posture. All of this will contribute to upper nerve injury, causing weakness, tingling, and numbness.
signs and symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease

9 Causes Of Breast Pain: It’s Not Always Cancer

Over 65% of world's women population suffers from breast pain at least once in their lifetime. Breast pains can be due to various reasons and not all of them cause cancer. Breast pains could be cyclic or non-cyclic in nature, it can also be due to medication, surgery, and poorly fitted bras. Formation of cysts and breast arthritis can cause breast pain too, but these may not lead to breast cancer.
Wearing the wrong type of bra can cause lymph node blockage

7 Adverse Health Effects Of Wearing An Incorrect Bra

Bras come in various shapes and sizes and are meant to support and enhance the breasts. But, wearing the wrong type of bra not only causes the breasts to appear out of shape but also leads to many adverse health conditions. It can cause back and neck pain and can even affect the posture. Hence, women must be aware of the correct size of the bra that they must wear.

7 Common Clothing Mistakes To Be Avoided In Pregnancy

Maternity fashion is gaining attention around the globe. With female celebrities experimenting different styles and attires during their pregnancy, mothers have been inspired to...

Can A Tight Bra Cause Chest Pain?

Studies show that about 70–80% of women use a bra of a wrong size, putting themselves at various health risks. All thanks to the laces...