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5 Lesser Known Facts About Bone Health

Bone health involves a lot of factors including strength, the ability to regulate nutrients, and a consistent balance when it comes to replacing old bone tissue with new ones. A diet rich in calcium as well as vitamins and minerals, a healthy exercise schedule, and staying away from excessive drinking are the easiest ways to keep your bones in good health even after you reach old age.

12 Signs Your Testosterone Is Low

Testosterone is a male hormone produced in the testicles. It isn’t just responsible for sperm production and a man’s sex drive, it also builds...

Lifting Vs Running: Find Out What’s Best For Your Bones

Bone is a living tissue that responds to stress. Bone growth happens through a process known as bone remodeling. Here, the bone cells lay down new bone matrix and strengthen the bone in response to external stress. Running is an aerobic exercise that's great for cardiovascular health. Strength training exercises like weightlifting are more focused on enhancing bone strength exclusively.

7 Uses Of Fiber That Have Nothing To Do With Constipation

Dietary fiber has important purposes other than curing constipation. Soluble fiber from cereals helps keep our heart and blood vessels healthy. It can also prevent cancers of the colon and rectum. Diabetics have a lot to gain from consuming fiber, as it regulates sugar very effectively and also prevents insulin resistance. Fiber also helps manage weight and keep the gut healthy overall. Finally, fiber can help maintain bone density as well as detox the body naturally.

Debunking 7 Myths About Soy Milk With Facts

Known for its positive effects mainly in reducing postmenopausal symptoms in women, soy milk also has a number of other health benefits for the bones, the heart, and cognitive health. Most of the myths surrounding soy milk have no conclusive research supporting them. These myths have resulted in misconceptions that prevent people from reaping the actual benefits of soy milk.
Female athlete triad can affect a woman's overall health and can lead to unwanted complications.

What You Should Know About Female Athlete Triad

Being a female athlete can be amazing and wonderfully rewarding. A lot of women are getting important opportunities to push themselves and overcome the milestones...
10 Health Benefits Of Strength Training For Men And Women

10 Health Benefits Of Strength Training For Men And Women

Strength training is a form of exercising using weights to increase endurance and build a strong physique. All adults irrespective of their age can practice strength training as it has numerous positive effects on the body and the mind. Strength training has the potential to improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of diabetes, and can also contribute to the overall health and well-being.
Unnecessary Medical Tests

5 Medical Tests That Aren’t Actually Necessary Frequently

In a bid to stay healthy and live longer, most of us schedule frequent doctor visits to make sure our body is in great...
reasons why cottage cheese is great for health

6 Reasons Why Cottage Cheese Is Great For Your Health

Cottage cheese is a very versatile milk product that can be added to pancakes, smoothies, salads and much more. It has a mild flavor and is an excellent source of calcium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Studies have proven that it's an excellent low-fat dietary option for people with cardiovascular disease too.

Health Benefits Of Green Vegetables

Including a generous portion of green vegetables to your diet promotes innumerable health benefits. Be it as salads, smoothies, or as a part of...

10 Medical Tests Every Woman Undergo

It’s no secret that everyone can benefit from regular screenings. But if you’re a woman, you will need certain tests that men don’t. Simply...

Achieve Optimal Bone Health With Nutrient-Rich Foods

A balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is the main constituent for healthy bone development. You need an adequate amount of calcium...

Prevent Osteoporosis With Exercise, Nutrition, And Ayurveda

Osteoporosis is a disease marked by reduced bone strength leading to fragile bones and with an increased susceptibility to fracture. This condition is closely...

What Are The Dangers Of The Modern Vegetarian Diet?

Vegetarianism can work against you if not planned well. A vegetarian diet runs the risk of lacking crucial nutrients as plant sources do not necessarily account for all the requirements of the body. Lower sperm count, cancer, and deficiencies in bone minerals, iron, and vit B12 are repercussions of vegetarianism that are under scrutiny. The right mix of foods with a focus on essential nutrients is vital.
Oolong Tea: Benefits And Side Effects

Oolong Tea: Benefits And Side Effects

Oolong tea, is a Chinese tea with unique and distinctive characteristics, produced mainly in Fujian and Guangdong, as well as Taiwan. It is made...