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5 Everyday Superfoods That Are Hidden In Your Diet

If you think that having a big bowl of superfoods is going to instantly boost your health, you are thoroughly mistaken. Superfoods can work wonders...

5 Anti-Inflammatory Recipes To Heal Your Gut

Gut, also known as the gastrointestinal tract or the digestive tract plays an important role in digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating waste. When the gut lining is damaged, it results in inflammation. Leafy greens, celery, slippery elm powder, turmeric, aloe vera, and chicken bone broth have anti-inflammatory properties that can promote gut healing and give you a nutrient boost. Avoid processed foods and foods that contain caffeine and sugar as it can irritate the gut.

8 Natural Superfoods That Heal Your Gut

Adding these superfoods to your diet will ensure that your gut is healthy. Some such beneficial foods are bone broth, probiotics like yogurt and kefir, garlic, fatty fish and stock, coconut oil, green leafy vegetables, ginger, and wheatgrass. Such foods treat digestive issues, soothe the gut, and have an antimicrobial effect on the pathogenic bacteria that invade the gut system.
Superfoods that are totatlly overrated.

5 Superfoods That Are Completely Overrated

When a food gets too much attention, many people think it’s a miracle cure. Coconut oil was considered healthy, until its saturated fat content was noted. Red wine offers heart health benefits, but high intakes will lead to harmful effects of alcohol. Bone broth has collagen and minerals, but it may be contaminated with lead. In stores, most apple cider vinegar and kombucha are processed, so the good nutrients and enzymes are often destroyed.

Tasty Ways To Add Collagen To Your Diet

The strong connective tissue that holds your skeleton together attaches your muscles to your bones, builds strong blood vessels, and keeps your organs and skin in place is the collagen in your body. You need collagen to fix any damage in your body. Collagen rich foods are citrus fruits, eggs, greens, meat, fish, and poultry. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production and synthesis. Traditional bone broth and fresh juices of citrus fruits are rich in collagen. Gummies made of strawberry and lemon are rich in ascorbic acid which aid in collagen synthesis. Lots of creative recipes can be made with different ingredients which are abundant sources of collagen.
benefits of bone broth protein

5 Health Benefits Of Bone Broth Protein

Bone broth protein is the dehydrated form of bone broth that retains all the nutrients. It can help you manage your weight, and also improve your skin health. Taking bone broth protein can help you reduce joint pain and treat osteoarthritis. Additionally, it can also maintain your digestive health, and boost detoxification, by improving the liver's ability to eliminate toxins from the body.
5 Gut-Friendly Foods To Include When You're On A Paleo Diet

5 Gut-Friendly Foods To Include When You’re On A Paleo Diet

Adding the right foods to your Paleo diet can reduce inflammation. Fermented foods like yogurt promote the growth of good bacteria. Aromatic herbs like ginger can ease nausea and other digestive disorders. Prebiotic foods like garlic nourish the gut bacteria. Bone broth protects the gut lining and reduces inflammation. Slow-cooked meats help absorb nutrients and digest them faster.
Everything you need to know about bone broth.

Everything You Need To Know About Bone Broth

Bone broth is prepared by simmering bones for a considerably long time ranging anywhere between 10 to 48 hours depending on what animal’s bones you’re using. The longer you simmer the bones, the more nutrient-dense your broth will be. Bone broth is a rich source of collagen, glutamates, amino acids, and minerals. From soothing your gut to improving the quality and health of your skin, bone broth has a number of health benefits to offer. If you're someone with glutamate-sensitivity problems, simply simmer your bones for a shorter time to avail the health benefits of this broth.

Meals That Heal: Bone Broth Recipe

Bone broth is a deeply nourishing food that is centuries old. Nutritionists, health coaches and healthy eating cooks are extolling broth for its many...

Oral Thrush: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Oral thrush is typically a mild infection in which the fungus Candida albicans overgrows or accumulates in the mouth and throat. Common signs of thrush are creamy white bumps on your tongue or inner cheeks that are often painful and may bleed slightly when scraped. All natural remedies like swishing your mouth with coconut oil and consuming probiotics can help.

6 Ways To Crush Food Cravings

Take 400-500mg of ashwagandha+brahmi every morning with breakfast and every evening before dinner to wean yourself off sugar. Drink prime juice (blend 1 cucumber, 1c spinach, 1/4c purple cabbage, 1 apple, 1 carrot, 1 beet, 1 lemon, 1" fresh ginger) in the morning before breakfast or in the afternoon when the most intense sugar cravings typically strike.

Bone Broth: Is It Really Beneficial?

Except for the essential amino acid glutamine in it that may help with weight loss, bone broth doesn’t have many health benefits. But there are ways to make your broth bowl healthier, adding some meat to it being one. You can also have the broth before a meal so you feel satiated faster which will stop you from overindulging.

Tips To Promote Tooth Enamel Growth And Stronger Teeth

Practise oil pulling to induce saliva production. Supplement with vits D, K2, and C. Utilize tooth soaps or homemade toothpastes. Consume traditional fermented foods (high in natural probiotics), sea salt (rich in minerals), and homemade bone broths (rich in calcium). Eat strawberries to whiten teeth and remove tartar. Apply pearl powder on affected teeth daily, once a day.