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11 Factors That Influence Your Chances Of Having Twins

Whether you can give birth to fraternal twins depends on your genes. Other factors that raise your chances include age above 35 years, a higher BMI, a diet rich in dairy products, and multiple pregnancies. IVF is known to hike the chances too. Do note, however, that the factors responsible for the conception of identical twins remain unknown.

3 Ways To Tell You’re At Your Ideal Weight

The ideal weight is different for each person. BMI is a useful starting point, but the waist-hip ratio is more accurate. It points out central obesity, a major factor of disease risk. Tests that check for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood glucose are also important. You can have these risk factors without being obese! Lastly, how you feel is important. At an ideal weight, energy and appetite is healthy.

8 Health Benefits Of Volunteering For You

Volunteering doesn't just help you feel good about doing good but can also impact your health. Researchers are discovering that volunteering can lower risk of depression, hypertension, and even mortality. Not surprisingly it can help give you a sense of purpose and boost your self-esteem. If you’re a senior, these results are amplified. By some accounts, even your cholesterol levels and BMI could improve!

Can You Drink Diet Soda While You’re Pregnant?

Diet soda has close to no nutritional value. Minerals like potassium and sodium are added, which can be harmful in excess. Diet soda also contains caffeine, which is considered harmful for a developing fetus. It is filled with artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors, which can cause a loss of calcium. Regular consumption can result in overweight babies. It may also be associated with preterm labor, which comes with a lot of complications.

Top 5 Big Baby Myths That You Might Still Believe

It isn’t unusual for women to worry about the possibility of birth-related complications as they near the date of delivery. Out of many, there...

Why Is It Important To Control BMI In Your Teenage Years?

Though BMI cannot be used as a definitive diagnostic tool, it is still a good indicator of body fat and obesity. It is important for teens to maintain a healthy BMI as it determines their risk of diseases like type-2 diabetes, asthma, heart disease, etc. during adulthood. Being an obese teen has a detrimental impact on self esteem and can lead to depression, body dissatisfaction and eating disorders.
Why BMI Is Not Accurate?

Why BMI Is Not Accurate?

Weight x .45 = A, Height (Inches) x 0.25 = B. BMI = A/B². The problem with BMI is that is doesn't account for your bone density, weight or muscle mass. Increasing muscle could increase your BMI, depending on your build. BMI may not be as accurate as other fat testing methods such as Dexa scans and hydraulic testing, which look for fat than mass.