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6 Unusual Side-Effects Of The Pill You Should Know About

Contraceptive pills are a boon to modern women as it allows you to control your reproductive system. However, these pills are chemical formulations and...

10 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Eating Pineapples

Pineapple is a fruit that has many useful properties that can improve your health. It is also known to help fight free radicals that can cause cancer. Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples can reduce inflammation and prevent blood clots. The beta-carotene in the fruit fights macular degeneration and its potassium content helps lower blood pressure. So, eating this fruit and drinking pineapple juice is beneficial to prevent and treat many diseases.
Potential Obstacles When Flying Pregnant

Flying When Pregnant: Keep These 8 Tips In Mind

Most medical professionals recommend the safest time to fly while being pregnant is before 36 weeks. Several air-travel services do not allow passengers over...
Blood Clots Are Chunky, Jelly-like Masses That Are May Occur During Menstruation

Why Blood Clots During Your Period

If you’re on your period and notice that you’re passing blood clots along with your period blood, don’t be alarmed. Blood clots are chunky,...
Health Benefits Of Moringa Leaves

7 Compelling Reasons To Add Moringa To Your Smoothie

Breakfast smoothies are great way to pack as much nutrition as possible to start your day. If there’s one ingredient that you need to...

7 Unpleasant Things About Childbirth That Nobody Talks About

Delivering your baby could be the most unpredictable of your life events and may be not the most pleasant one. Yes, you were overjoyed...

Can Flying And Blood Clots Pose A Deadly Risk?

People on long-haul flights may have to be seated in a crammed space for hours on end. This puts immense strain on the body and may cause the blood in the legs to clot. If the clot breaks away from the veins and moves to the lungs, it can be deadly. Hence, it is important to move around at regular intervals to ensure proper blood supply all over the body.

Vaginal Birth Recovery: Top 10 Answers That You Need

1. How long will I bleed? Blood flow can last for up to 6 weeks after the baby’s birth. But for most women, it will...

Pregnancy Blood Clots: Risks Factors and Complications

The body produces blood clots in order to stop bleeding from cuts or wounds. Sometimes blood clots (a change in liquid to solid state...
Why Vitamin E Deficiency Should Be Taken Seriously?

Why Vitamin E Deficiency Should Be Taken Seriously?

Vitamin E is a rich antioxidant nutrient that helps to quench free radicals that are implicated in the diseases like heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. It boosts the immune system, improves resistance to allergies and protects against blood clots. Its deficiency can lead to neurological symptoms such as gait disturbances and poor reflexes.
Extra virgin olive oil benefits

10 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits You Never Knew

Origin Of Olive Oil  Hippocrates, the father of medicine, dubbed olive oil “the great therapeutic.” The ancient Greek physician identified more than 60 medicinal uses...
How to prevent blood clots naturally?

How to Prevent Blood Clots Naturally?

Vitamin D from sunshine has long been recognized by Ayurvedic medicine as a natural blood thinner. Water is a very effective blood thinner. Drinking about 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight (50 oz. if you weigh 100 lbs.) every day will help keep the blood from thickening and clumping. Moderate daily exercise will also help thin the blood. Remaining stationary for long periods of time (a long trip or hours on the couch) will increase the risk of a blood clot.
Epsom Salt Magnesium Supplement And Other Health Benefits

Epsom Salt: Magnesium Supplement & Other Health Benefits

Magnesium is the second most abundant element in human cells and fourth most important positively charged ion in the body. It helps the body...