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All There Is To Know About Porphyria Cutanea Tarda

PCT or Porphyria Cutanea Tarda, is a rare metabolic disorder that occurs in the body due to the build-up of porphyrins. While the acute variety targets the nervous system, the cutaneous variety results in skin conditions like blisters, hyperpigmentation, and erosions. Genetic prediposition and exposure to the sun are common causes of PCT. Treatment options for PCT include phlebotomy, low doses of oral chloroquine, and hydrochloroquine therapy. Patients with PCT must avoid alcohol and tobacco.

9 Health Issues Women Face Often

Reduce PMS symptoms by cutting down on salt, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine intake. Vaginal itching can be eased by washing the area with a solution of apple cider vinegar and warm water. Water retention can be treated with diuretic tea and by being physically active. Avoid painful sex using lubricants. If sleep is your issue, maintain a journal and pen down your thoughts.

5 Different Signs Of Vaginal Bumps Every Woman Should Know

If you observe soft, painless lumps near the vaginal opening it may indicate a harmless condition called Bartholin's cyst. Skin-colored bumps near the vaginal area may indicate syringoma. When you wax or shave, you may experience ingrown hairs that cause bumps. Pus-filled blisters are a sign of vaginal boils. Skin discoloration may be a sign of a harmless mole.
home remedies to treat fever blisters

8 Simple Home Remedies To Treat Painful Fever Blisters

Herpes labialis or fever blisters appear in as small, red painful fluid-filled bumps around the mouth. Caused by HSV-1, many antiviral drugs are often administered for their resolution. However, using plant extracts with antiherpetic activity is the best way to boost the immunity and prevent viral multiplication. Researchers have proven that these extracts can even help in the faster healing of the blisters without any side-effects.

Signs And Symptoms Of An Infected Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercing or navel piercing is a common fashion statement and body art, especially among youngsters. Most people who flaunt their navel piercing...
how to naturally get rid of a blood blister

How To Get Rid Of A Blood Blister Naturally Using Home Remedies

Apply an ice pack wrapped in a small towel over the affected area for about 10 mins. Dab a small amount of lavender+almond oil, witch hazel extract, fresh aloe vera gel, or calendula salve on the blister at least 3-4 times a day. If the blister bursts, avoid peeling the skin off and be sure to keep the area dry, clean, and dressed with sterile gauze to prevent infection.