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All You Need To Know About An Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder (OAB) is a medical condition in which your bladder can't hold urine normally. Your problems of urinary incontinence or leaking urine are the most common symptoms of OAB. An overactive bladder is a very embarrassing and distressing condition to live with if it isn't treated in time. Kegel exercises, herbal supplements, and cranberry juice are some of the important natural remedies for OAB. Vitamin D has also been shown to improve incontinence by improving bone health, especially in women.

Why Do You Pee So Much? Here Are 6 Possible Reasons

Drinking too much and having a small bladder are two of the most obvious reasons why you need to pee frequently. Besides that, other causes of frequent urination are nervousness and taking diuretic medication. If you're diabetic, your body will get rid of extra glucose by pushing you to pee more, while an enlarged prostate can add extra pressure on your bladder, thus, making you want to relieve yourself often.
Interstitial cystitis can be treated through natural methods

6 Natural Ways To Treat Interstitial Cystitis: Inflamed Bladder

There is no known cause for this condition. However, there are ways to manage the pain and discomfort. Dietary changes are important. Add more foods like olive oil, olives, seeds, tea and red wine. Protein sources are also beneficial. You can also try exercises and other methods like bladder training. Try to avoid bladder irritants like caffeine and alcohol.
signs and symptoms of bladder cancer

Signs And Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

While bladder cancer may not have very obvious, visible, or unique symptoms, there are still signs you can learn to spot. Blood in your urine and increased urgency or frequency of urination can be red flags. Pain in the back or stomach should also be investigated further. Tiredness, pain in the lower back or bones, swollen feet, appetite and weight loss are indications of later stage or metastatic cancer. If you experience these, get checked right away.

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Bladder cancer can often go unnoticed in the initial stages.

Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer That All Women Must Know About

Most of the women around the world are vigilant about their breast exams, Pap tests, cervical tests, and also, skin tests. However, there is...
causes of bladder cancer

What Are The Causes Of Bladder Cancer?

Bladder cancer affects largely men. There are many factors that predispose you to this cancer, age being one. If you are 55 or older and a white male, your chance of getting bladder cancer is higher than everyone else. Smoking is the number one cause of bladder cancer, followed by exposure to various chemicals. Personal or family history of cancer is another cause and so are other bladder diseases.
Signs of bladder cancer that women often ignore.

4 Sneaky Signs Of Bladder Cancer That Most Women Ignore

Bladder cancer is caused when cells in the urinary bladder grow rapidly. These cells could form a tumor and spread to other parts of the body. Women often mistake signs of bladder cancer for menstruation, menopause, or UTI. Pain and blood during urination are common symptoms and might need a urinalysis. Recurring urinary tract infection, muscle and bone pain, and weakness are also symptoms of cancer. Early diagnosis can effectively treat bladder cancer.
affeine can put an undue amount of pressure on our bladder

The Link Between Caffeine Intake And Your Bladder

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7 Ways To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection Naturally

7 Ways To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection Naturally

Urinary tract infection affects one in two women and is not very prominent in men. The infection is painful and annoying. Prevention is the best bet. It can be done by keeping the bacteria away from the urethra and bladder by hydrating sufficiently, urinating often, wiping from front to back, including probiotics in diet, and having cranberry juice.
Cancers caused by secondhand smoking

Cancers Caused By Secondhand Smoke And Their Symptoms

Secondhand smoke releases about 250 harmful chemicals out of which 50 are carcinogens. These impact different parts of the body differently depending on the intensity and frequency of exposure. Passive smoking causes lung cancer and increases the risk of breast, throat, rectum, bladder, stomach, and brain cancer. In children, it manifolds the risk of leukemia, lymphoma, and liver cancer.

10 Cancer Warning Signs People Assume Aren’t Dangerous Until It’s Too Late

Detecting any early sign of cancer is very crucial because the treatment works best in the initial stages. So, it is important to watch for any unusual changes in your body. Persistent coughs or frequent fevers, which you ignore as infection can be related to cancers. Read more to know about 10 warning signs of cancer, which people assume are not dangerous.

Hair Dye And Cancer Risks

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