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4 Crystals Used By Celebs That Can Bring Positivity To Your Life

Crystals and their ability to heal has become a new way of enhancing the quality of life among people. Crystals have a unique energy...

The 12 Birthstones And What Each Of Them Signifies

Birthstones are not just mere symbols that signify your birth month. These stones are immensely powerful in harnessing positive outcomes for you when used...

Which Crystals Should You Choose According To Your Personality?

There are crystals that resonate with our zodiac signs and correspond to our relationships, but you will be happy to know that there are...
how to use crystals for home protection

7 Crystals That Give An Energetic Makeover For Your Home

Crystals can remove negative energies and allow the free-flow of positive energy when placed in our living space. Specific crystals can be used to uplift the overall vibrations of different rooms in a house. Rose quartz is the love crystal and can be kept in the bedroom. Citrine is excellent for areas that have a lot of productivity. Black tourmaline, when kept in the entrance, can keep away negative energies,
pomegranate health benefits

13 Proven Health Benefits Of Pomegranate: All Hail The Ruby Red Seeds

Pomegranates pack a punch into their refreshing seeds, juice, and peel. Pomegranates reduce blood pressure, prevent inflammation whether inside arteries or in arthritic joints, ai in digestion, detoxify the liver, prevent memory loss and Alzheimer's, and can even help with erectile dysfunction. And though a sweet fruit, it has benefits for diabetics too. It has also shown promise in prostate and colon cancer.

4 Holistic Therapies For Weight Loss

The energy systems of the human body operate in harmony with the energy systems of the universe. Traditional methods of healing were based on...