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All About Water-Soluble B Complex And C Vitamins

Water-soluble vitamins include vitamin C and eight B vitamins: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folate, and cobalamin. The body doesn’t store them, so your everyday diet should have enough. All B vitamins serve as coenzymes for essential functions like metabolism, energy production, and DNA synthesis. Many are also needed for a healthy nervous system and brain health. Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, supports the immune system by enhancing immune cells.

All There Is To Know About Biotin Deficiency

Biotin is required for several body functions including energy metabolism, cell signaling, and glycogen synthesis. Hence, deficiency in this vitamin causes hair, skin, eye, and neurological disorders. Although it is rare, smokers, pregnant women, alcohol addicts, and people with Biotinidase deficiency are at risk of biotin deficiency. But, this deficiency can be treated easily with biotin-rich foods or supplements. Few studies state that biotin improves hair, nails, and certain health conditions.
6 Essential Nutrients That Can Promote Hair Growth

6 Essential Nutrients That Can Promote Hair Growth

Today, various factors are responsible for experiencing hair fall. Diet plays an important role in the health of your hair and it is vital to consume foods that are rich in nutrients that support hair growth. Nutrients such as iron, vitamin B, B5, C, fish oil, and zinc are essential for healthy hair. Instead of investing in hair care products, consume these healthy foods to ensure hair growth.

11 Ways To Keep Your Hair Looking Young And Healthy

To keep your hair looking young, avoid over-shampooing. Condition every time you wash your hair. When you rinse out conditioner, use cold water to seal the pores. Protect your scalp from the sun as well. Avoid tight hairstyles to prevent hair loss. If your hair is thinning try a biotin supplement to get things growing again. These practices keep your hair looking shiny, luscious, and soft.
A Healthy Looking Mane Is Widely Perceived To Be An Indicator Of Good Health

These Eight Nutrients Can Help You Care For Your Hair

It is human tendency to associate our sense of identity to the way we look, the clothes we wear and by extension, the way...

8 Nutrients You Must Include For Healthy Hair Growth

B vitamins carry nutrients to the scalp and hair. Biotin and vitamins A, D, and E are required for healthy scalp and hair. Iron-rich proteins prevent weak and brittle hair. Vitamin C fights oxidative stress and prevents graying of hair. Beta-carotene is important for hair cells. Zinc and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids control oil production in the scalp and skin.

3 Nail Problems And Their Natural Home Remedies

Nails are natural, protective outgrowths on our fingers and toes that often bear the brunt of all our activity. However, proper nail care is often ignored. Nails, though dead tissue, can develop fungal infections. These infections can be treated with coconut oil or citric acid patches. Likewise, brittle nails can be treated with biotin supplementation. Ridges on nails are a cause for concern when they are horizontal, and the underlying cause must be evaluated.
Reasons Why Biotin Is Great For You

7 Reasons Why Biotin Is Great For You

Biotin, or vitamin H/B7, can help convert glucose into energy. Not just that, it is also said to reduce bad cholesterol levels, lowering blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes patients. It is also believed to repair brittle nails and damaged skin and hair. Biotin has also been found to help those with multiple sclerosis.
There are multiple natural remedies to grow eyelashes.

12 Natural Remedies To Get Healthy, Luscious Eyelashes

Thinning eyelashes is a common condition that is usually aggravated by the use of cosmetics and fake products. Instead of keeping it thin forever, use these natural ingredients to boost hair growth. Products such as castor, olive, coconut, and almond oils; petroleum jelly; aloe vera gel, biotin supplements and vitamin E capsules; shea butter; and green tea can all promote follicle growth and make your lashes look healthier and shinier.

17 Foods With High Biotin You Should Include In Your Diet

Biotin, or vitamin H, is a B-complex vitamin that your body can't store and must get from food or supplements. While beef liver (30 mcg biotin per 3 oz) and whole cooked eggs (13–25 mcg per serving) are a rich source of biotin for nonvegetarians, vegans and vegetarians can get their biotin from whole-wheat bread (1 slice has 6 mcg biotin), walnuts, avocado, and cauliflower. Milk, yogurt, and cheese too have trace amounts of biotin.

11 Anti-Aging Vitamins To Include In Your Diet

Beauty comes not just from without but within as well. Including these specific vitamins in your daily diet will make you look and feel much younger.

7 Diet Tips For Long Healthy Hair

Eat plenty of proteins as a low-protein diet can make the hair brittle and dull. Include complex carbs that prevent hair loss. Hair follicles need iron-rich blood supply so keep up your iron reserves. Add omega-3 fats as they keep your scalp and hair hydrated. Vit C is essential for collagen and Vit A for sebum, that are needed for a healthy scalp. Consume biotin, zinc and selenium rich foods.

5 Essential Nutrients For Healthy And Shiny Hair

Want the best for your tresses? Eat foods rich in vit B12 and biotin -- eggs, almonds, salmon, and avocados. Don't go easy on the omega 3. Think fatty fishes and coconut, flaxseed, and avocado oils. Kale and spinach give you a healthy scalp. Your hair is protein, so it needs protein. Eat salmon, organic meats, beans, and legumes. Stay hydrated to give your hair an extra shine.

Top 10 Anti-Ageing Foods That Will Give You A Younger-Looking Skin

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