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Bhringaraj is a herb that improves hair growth, relieves pain, and boosts memory.

13 Health Benefits Of Bhringaraj You Should Make The Most Of

Bhringraj is a medicinal herb that promotes hair growth, eases pain, and treats skin diseases, dysentery, and epilepsy. It can also help you deal with asthma, bronchitis, and diabetes. It protects your liver, wards off gastric ulcers, and improves immunity and memory. Bhringaraj is also good for your heart.

Bhringraj Oil: An Ayurvedic Approach To Solve Hair Troubles

Bhringraj oil, also known as the king of hair, can fight your daily hair problems. Massaging the oil onto the scalp and leaving it overnight can promote hair growth and fight dryness, thereby preventing dandruff. Premature graying due to pollution and exposure to chemicals can be treated with a mixture of bhringraj oil and neem or amla oil.

How To Fight Hair Loss With Bhringraj Oil

In Ayurveda, bhringraj or “false daisy” is used as a medicinal herb. The oil is used as a traditional remedy for hair loss and may be more effective than minoxidil, the commercial hair growth chemical. Simply warm up the oil and massage it into the scalp. For more benefits, add peppermint oil to encourage blood flow and coconut milk for hydration. Bhringraj will even control stress and skin inflammation, two factors that worsen hair loss.

6 Easy Hair Oil Recipes You Should Try

Hair oil can be easily prepared at home using readily available herbs. These highly nutritious herbal liquids nourish your hair far more than a range of cosmetic products stacked up at the nearest retail outlets. Hibiscus, amla, basil, and bhringraj are a few herbs commonly used for the preparation of hair oils. Liquids infused with these herbs are instrumental in fighting several hair problems.

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Ayurvedic Home Remedies To Prevent And Reverse Hair Loss

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Stop Hair Fall With These Ayurvedic Remedies

Boil a few dried Indian gooseberry (amla) pieces in 500ml coconut oil until they become charred. Let the oil cool. Apply onto your hair, scalp overnight or an hour before wash. Equally beneficial can be topical application of kayyonyadi tailam, neelibhringadi tailam, herbs such as henna, aloe vera, hibiscus, or a fine paste of overnight soaked fenugreek seeds.

Hyperacidity: Causes, Symptoms, And Cures

Too much junk food, fizzy drinks, or even leafy veggies can release excess HCL in the stomach and cause ulcers. Nausea, heartburn, headache, loose motions are common symptoms of hyperacidity. To avoid, eat timely and small meals, with fresh seasonal foods and less of spice and oil. Drink licorice tea to relieve acid reflux. Sleep 2–3 hrs after a meal. Practice yoga.
Magical Ayurvedic Herbs To Prevent Hairfall.

Ayurvedic Herbs To Prevent Hair Loss And Premature Graying

Hair loss and premature graying are the most prominent hair-related issues we face today. Most of us end up with these problems at a young age. Before going for any cosmetic remedies, try these Ayurvedic herbs. These simple home remedies will give you thick luscious hair without any side effects.