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Aromatherapy: Best Essential Oils To Use For Yoga

Aromatherapy can significantly enhance your yoga practice. The scent of essential oils will energize the mind, body, and soul, helping you get the most out of each pose. Need to de-stress? Use lavender and chamomile for relaxation. Sandalwood oil will also center the mind. With peppermint and eucalyptus, you can feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Brighten up your practice with sunny scents like bergamot and grapefruit. To enjoy, use an essential oil diffuser or apply to the skin.
Herbs that help you get rid of bad breath

6 Herbs That Help You Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in social situations. If your colleagues are keeping a safe distance from you...

5 Science-Backed Supplements That Actually Work!

Garlic has not only been shown to treat damaged arteries but also high blood pressure. Bergamot has been proven to be beneficial in treating high cholesterol, while niacin showed to lower the risk of a heart attack or stroke in heart disease patients. Zinc has been shown to be an effective and quick cure for common cold and studies show that berberine can treat congestive heart failure.

6 Aromatherapy Solutions For Weight Loss And Fitness

Essential oils promote weight loss, overall fitness, and well-being by bringing down appetite, elevating mood, and curbing emotional eating. Oils that can be used include lemon oil, grapefruit oil, bergamot oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, and fennel oil. While some of these oils can be massaged into your skin, some can be ingested. Use them only as weight loss aids and not as a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise.
essential oils for nausea

7 Essential Oils To Get Rid Of Nausea And How To Use Them

Ginger essential oil can cure nausea, even if you’re pregnant or just had a surgery. Peppermint and spearmint oil can ease symptoms of headaches, light-headedness, and vomiting. If your nausea is from anxiety, use lavender oil for stress relief. Sweet citrus oils like lemon, orange, and bergamot essential oils can help relax an upset stomach. These oils can be placed in a diffuser or diluted with a carrier oil.

Side Effects Of Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is a food and beverage additive which is extracted from a fruit. Due to its pleasant smell, it is also used in...
health benefits of bergamot essential oil

Discover The Health Benefits Of Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is widely used in cosmetics, food products like tea, and in folk remedies. But its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial properties make it a good therapeutic option for soothing skin irritations and relieving joint and muscle pains too. When used in aromatherapy preparations, the oil also helps soothe nerves and reduce anxiety and stress.

4 Essential Oils For Depression

Incredibly common, depression is a lowered state of mood which affects one's thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Though aromatherapy can not help cure depression, citrus essential oils like lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, sweet orange can help relieve its symptoms and help manage the condition better. To use, take a good whiff or diffuse the oils using a diffuser.

Essential Oils: Say Goodbye To Those Last Stubborn Pounds!

Want to get rid of those last stubborn pounds, but coming up short? Consider the following 5 essential oils as part of your health regimen.

Top 10 Essential Oils For Men

Essential oils are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds found naturally in different parts of plants. Frankincense oil is good for treating depression, scars, and pain. Bergamot oil aids in digestion. Cedarwood oil can help treat UTIs. Melaleuca oil can cure athlete's foot and acne. Vetiver and sandalwood oils promote mental health. Cardamom oil stimulates sweat glands.