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8 Amazing Yoga Poses For Older Beginners

Yoga can strengthen you from outside and within, no matter how old you are. Seniors can begin doing yoga with poses like the triangle pose, butterfly pose, child pose, and cobra pose. Also, styles like locust pose, wind-relieving pose, tree pose, and bridge pose can help relieve you from back pain and digestive related issues.
Poses are relatively simple and easy

5 Yoga Poses For Beginners

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise in today's world. The spiritual aspects of yoga combined with the physical benefits make...

5 Beginners Workout Myths That Are Costing You Muscle Gains

As a beginner, the world of weight training can be both confusing and exciting. With so much information available across the internet, it's hard...

5 Health Benefits Of Silence For Your Mind And Body

Just 2 hours of silence boosts the production of brain cells. This strengthens the hippocampus and improves your short- and long-term memory while lowering the risk for dementia. Even 2 minutes of silence can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. And 2 minutes of silence has more stress-lowering effect than soothing music. Silence through meditation can even help insomniacs relax and sleep better.

Aromatheraphy 101

An essential oil – a part of herb – is a concentrated liquid extracted from the plants. An herbal oil is a herbal matter infused with an oil to contain the essential oil along with other compounds. Using steam distillation, essential oil takes the small amount of volatile oil from a plant and concentrates it. Essential oil can be used in three ways: Inhalation, topical, and internal. To get started with aromatherapy: learn about essential oils, purchase an original one, diffuses them on their own or in combinations, create different blends, and experiment by diluting topical applications of oil.

Kettlebell Facts You Should Know

So you saw that funny looking weight at the gym that looks like a big, round padlock and seems impossibly heavy, and you thought...
how to start jogging

How To Start Jogging: A Beginner’s Guide

Jogging is a great way to lose weight and get fit. Knowing how to build up to a full-fledged jogging routine from a walk-jog combination is just as important as having the right shoes to cushion your landing. Do not skip your warm up or cool down, keep your posture right, pick up a good pace, do not over do it, and you will be able to avoid injury.

A Beginners Guide To Chanting

Chanting is an ancient practice that has played an integral role in all religious and spiritual traditions across the globe from time immemorial. The...
The 7 Chakras For Beginners

A Beginner’s Guide To The Seven Chakras

Chakras are the energy centers in our body located along the spinal cord through which energy flows. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. So, a...

8 Essential Yoga Books For Beginners: Healthy Reads

So have you decided to take up yoga? Naturally, you want some books that will help you understand this rich and ancient art form,...

A Nut Butter Guide For Beginners

Nut butters are an easy source of protein that can be had in a pinch. You might be frequently using these butters, do you know their nutritional benefits? Do you know the difference you can see in consuming roasted and raw nut betters? Check out these four amazing nut butters and the exact benefits to be had from them.
Running Mistakes

13 Running Mistakes Beginners Make And How To Fix Them

Rookie runners are prone to injuries not just because of wrong running technique but also because they tend to run too much or too fast too soon, often without warm-ups or cool-downs and sufficient rest. Lack of appropriate nutrition before and after a run and poor hydration also lead to delayed recovery. Wrong shoes can add to the woe.

10 Running Tips For Beginners

Want to make running a part of your fitness regimen but don't know where to begin? These 10 tips should help you get up, out and running!

The Secret To Make Learning New Things Real Easy

Set aside your ego and don’t hesitate to accept or ask for help. Be curious to learn what you don’t know, like a beginner. Don’t think you know it all. Instead, open your mind to unlearning and accepting new ways of doing things. Trying to prove what you know is right will get you nowhere! Be mindful of the small steps towards your goal and appreciate your progress.

Pull Ups For Beginners: How To Do Your First Pull Up Then Do More

You may have difficulty doing pull ups if you are too heavy, have weak arm or back muscles, or if you're using the wrong bar. Building up each muscle individually before attempting a pull up may take a long time and may not even help. Instead, master pulling variations to work on all your muscles at once! Try door knob towel pull ins, horizontal pull ups, and grip exercises.