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Tantric Sex: A Beginner’s Guide

Tantric sex, a mystical sexual experience, is slow but sensual and moves beyond the realm of the physical to the spiritual. Use tantra techniques like harmonizing breathing, hand on heart, and nurturing meditation to heighten sexual intimacy. Shared rituals, motionless intercourse, and teetering on the edge of an orgasm can leave you revitalized. Tantric sex also has the potential to ease psychosexual issues including premature ejaculation, inability to have orgasms, and erectile dysfunction.

Body Weight Exercises For Beginners: A 10-Step Routine To Get You Started

Bodyweight exercises are the easiest way to start strength training. They are simple and uncomplicated, yet challenging enough for a beginner. Beginners can start out with chair squats, lunges, wall push-ups, calf raises against the wall, bodyweight squats, planks, and jumping jacks. These can work out everything from your abs and core to your legs and shoulders and don't even require any equipment.
tai chi moves for beginners

Tai Chi Moves For Beginners: 7 Basic Steps

Tai chi seems deceptively easy but there is plenty to learn. As a beginner, don’t get ahead of yourself and do too much too soon. It may hamper your skill and mastery of the form. Instead, learn a little at a time, add movements each week, building on the tai chi forms you learn. Start with basic stretches like heaven and earth, ankle tapping, kicking, and side stretches. Also learn shorter forms like the simplified 24 step form and the qigong breathing techniques, building awareness of posture, tai chi, dan tian and qi.

A Classic Beginner’s Workout For Bigger Legs

In most gyms, the leg exercise machines are usually the least used because the average gym goer is only concerned about getting bigger arms...
yoga asanas for beginners

Yoga Asanas For Beginners: Poses To Try If You Are New To Yoga

If you’re a beginner, take some time planning a yoga regimen that's good for you. Build a routine that includes asanas like the child’s pose, tree pose, warrior II, mountain pose, strengthening poses like the cobra pose, flows like the cat/cow pose, inversions like the downward facing dog, and restorative poses like the corpse pose. If you have any health issues, have had surgery, or are pregnant, do check with your instructor that none are contraindicated for your condition.

10 Effective Arm Exercises For Beginners

If you are a beginner looking to tone your arms, equipment-free tricep and bicep stretches and resistance training with dumbbell curls and kickbacks are a good place to start. If a gym with a cable machine or barbells is available, you could also try pushdowns or pressdowns or the seated high back row. Here’s a roundup of the 10 best exercises for your arms!
Running on wet sand has more benefits than you think

3 Benefits And 5 Tips Of Running On Wet Sand

Running on wet sand sounds like a lot of fun, something you would do with your group of friends. But do you know just how much this simple exercise can benefit you? Running on wet sand has been proven to instantly improve your mood, make you feel energetic, reduce the chances of injury during the exercise, and burn more calories in a short span. Just be sure you're wearing the right gear for this fun way to race on the sand.
Educate yourself on healthy vegan options

5 Vegan Food Substitutes: The Beginners’ Guide

It is not an easy choice when you decide to become a vegan. Going vegan also doesn’t mean you are adopting the best lifestyle...
9If your health is important, you need to start making some changes to your diet

The Beginner’s Guide To Ditching Processed Foods

There is no denying the fact that we have become much lazier than our previous generations. And, who can blame us? Life has become...

13 Running Tips For Beginners: Get A Head Start

Running can be a wonderful way to get fit but only if it doesn’t end in injury for you. Getting the right gear, warming up, stretching after a run, and maintaining the right running posture are important steps. Gear up for your run by staying fueled with the right food and drink. Don't push yourself too hard in the beginning; instead, work steadily toward your running goals.

11 Running Do’s And Don’ts That Are Essential For Beginners

To prevent injury and get the most out of your run, follow these tips. When starting to run, start slow and then pick up the pace. Try to choose different trails and routes. Wear clothing appropriate for the weather. Don't eat a big meal or skip warming up before you run. Don’t forget to replace your shoes when they lose traction. Don't take long strides and avoid landing on your heel.

5 Easy Tips On Tantric Sex For Beginners

The word 'tantra' comes from Indian and Buddhist religious traditions. While most people equate it to ritual sex, tantra has much broader and wider...
Simple And Effective Beginner Yoga Poses For Relaxation

Simple And Effective Beginner Yoga Poses For Relaxation

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India and has gained worldwide popularity in the recent years. It offers a plethora of physical and mental health benefits and can transform our lives for the better. Yoga involves performing specific poses and concentrates on the breathing. The end result is a relaxed mind and body that is capable of performing better.

6 Easy Strength-Building Yoga Poses For Beginners

Adho Mukha Svanasana or downward facing dog pose strengthens the muscles of your arms, shoulders, and legs. Kumbhakasana or plank pose strengthens the muscles along the spine. Ardha Pincha Mayurasana or dolphin pose stretches your shoulders, feet, calves, and hamstrings. Utkatasana or chair pose benefits the spine, hips, and chest muscles. Vrkasana or tree pose strengthens legs. Chaturanga Dandasana or four-limbed staff pose develops core stability.

Benefits Of The Tree Pose In Yoga (Vrikshasana) And How To Master It

Vrikshasana or tree pose is a powerful yoga pose that trains your body to attain balance while toning your leg muscles. Practicing this pose on a regular basis will not only help strengthen your spine and your tone your legs, but also helps you calm down and stay grounded. Although the tree pose has plenty of health benefits, it’s not for those who suffer from migraines, insomnia, hip and knee injuries.