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Six drinks that will help improve your health

6 Drinks To Help You Drink Your Way To Better Health

Americans love their sodas, coffee, tea, milk, fruit juices and alcohol. The USDA comes out with a list of our favorite drinks every year...
What these different odors mean for your vagina

5 Different Vaginal Odors And What They Mean

Every vagina has a distinct smell and most times, this is completely normal. The vagina consists of millions of bacteria, both good and bad....

6 Unusual Facts About Vaginas Every Woman Should Know

Vaginas maintain a delicate pH balance and can expand to about double its size. It is a self-cleaning organ which flushes out waste and bacteria by itself. The clitoris has about 8000 nerve endings. Kegel exercises for the vagina can help keep muscle tone and give you more intense orgasms. Treat the vagina with care and avoid using douches and/or scented feminine products.
Alcohol can both positively and negatively affect cholesterol levels

How Alcohol Can Affect Our Cholesterol Levels

Have you ever wondered if those drinks after work or those parties in the weekends have affected your blood cholesterol levels? Alcohol is always...

How Alcohol Can Help You Loose Weight

If you drink alcohol, don’t let happy hour ruin your weight loss plan. Knowing the healthiest choices will treat your waistline well. When combined with zero-calorie mixers, rum, gin, whiskey, and brandy are best. You can also drink them neat with a wedge of lemon. If you like wine, go for port. Champagne is ideal if you like carbonation. Lastly, swapping regular beer for light saves you about 50 calories. Keep a mental list so you’re prepared at the bar.
beer for skin and hair

5 Ways To Use Beer For Great Skin And Hair

A beer has a lot of sugars, amino acids, minerals and vitamins that make it good nutritionally. It has the ability to rehydrate the hair and skin thereby boosting their health. All you have to do is include it in your beauty regime. At least once or twice a week, indulge in an egg white and beer mask for skin tightening. You can use a beer rinse for washing the hair after shampooing to add more bounce and shine to it.
Frizzy hair is a pain in head and can be easily fixed

7 Natural Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair

Everyday ingredients can work as great anti-frizz products. You’ll save money and skip the exposure to nasty chemicals! For a simple smoothing treatment, apply your favorite oil. Other moisturizing remedies include aloe vera gel, mashed banana, and avocado. Even a beer rinse will soften and control frizz. To treat your hair to a deep conditioner, try mayonnaise or yogurt. Want to keep your hair frizz-free? Limit blow drying and air dry whenever possible.

Effective Remedies For Dry, Damaged Nails

Our nails go through a lot. They are constantly exposed to harsh detergents and water, every time we wash our hands or use other...
Not every tip to get you through that hangover is true.

6 Myths About Hangovers Busted

A lot of us love to get out and party, food and drinks included. On Friday nights, most of us want to let loose...
Natural Remedies For Strong Nails

7 Home Remedies For Weak, Brittle Nails

How healthy we are on the inside is often reflected in how strong our nails are. If you have weak nails, it might be...
Foods you should not avoid

7 Foods That Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Many foods seem taboo, but it’s all about moderation. For example, ice cream offers calcium, while popcorn is a low-calorie snack if you skip the extra salt and butter. French fries aren’t terrible when baked or dipped in vinegar. Love pasta and bread? Whole grain can be part of a healthy diet. And even beer, may be just a pint a day, is linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.
Ginger Beer And Ginger Ale: Differences And Benefits

Ginger Beer And Ginger Ale: Differences And Benefits

Ginger beer is made by fermenting fresh ginger. Meanwhile, ginger ale is a soda made with carbonated water, sugar, and ginger extract. Natural ginger ale without high-fructose corn syrup is the best choice. If you’re nauseous, both drinks can relax your stomach. They’re also useful when you’re on the road and have motion sickness. If you have a sore throat, ginger beer and ale will ease the pain. The ginger will offer anti-inflammatory benefits, too.

11 Simple Home Remedies For Split Ends

You don't have to chop off your hair to remove split ends. Here are a few natural home remedies to deal with it. Coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, and shea butter can moisturize split ends. The proteins in milk, yogurt, and beer; the antioxidants in bananas and vitamin E oil; and honey work at locking in the moisture.

Coffee Is Good For Your Health, Go Ahead Get That Refill

Your caffeine fix doesn’t just help you jump-start your day but it also packs in a slew of health benefits. Regular coffee drinkers are...

10 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30

Let’s face it! Everyone ages as time passes. Nothing can really turn back the clock-neither denial nor plastic surgery. Just like your choices of...