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5 Bed Bug Facts That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

If there’s one downside to going on vacation, it’s the dread of coming back home with a suitcase full of bed bugs. Bed bugs...

4 Feng Shui Tips For Everlasting Love In Your Home

Love is an energy and feng shui can help this energy last long in your home. Keeping your doorstep clean and tidy is one way to welcome love. Clean, organized rooms with scents like rose can promote feelings of love. Making space for your things and your partner's and keeping a balanced energy in the bedroom are ways you can help love grow.

10 Habits That’ll Make You Sleep Faster And Better

Fag end of the day. You’re lying in bed, trying hard to sleep and you just can’t sleep. And the harder you try to...

8 Genius No-Sweat Health Hacks Every Millennial Should Know

Waking up to a glass of water with lemon juice can help boost your immunity, while marking out your water bottle can help you get your daily intake of water. Eating raw vegetables before dining out can help prevent you from busting your diet, as can portioning out your snacks. Working out to songs can make exercising fun, and ditching your electronics at bedtime can give you better quality sleep.

5 Sleep Issues That Can Strain Your Relationship

Before sleep problems take over your relationship, learn how to fix them. Personal vibrating alarms can keep the peace if you have different wake-up times. If one prefers cold and the other prefers warm, look into small fans or heating pads. Use the sleep timer if the TV is always on at bedtime. Snoring can't be cured, but snorers can use nasal strips or decongestants. Buy a firm mattress and if needed, soften one side with foam pads.
7 Little Things You Can Do To Keep Yourself Healthy

7 Little Things You Can Do To Keep Yourself Healthy

Do little things to keep yourself healthy. Begin your morning with a healthy breakfast and stick to a healthy diet throughout your day. Find to time to stay physically active and give yourself some quiet time to stay focused. Have regular sleep cycles and be expressive about your feelings. Appreciate what you have in life and be grateful every day.

Bed Rest Or Activity Restriction During Pregnancy

If you have been ordered off feet and bed rest, catch up on your sleep and delegate the chores to your partner. Although bed...
Drinking tea can help you sleep better

Do These 7 Bedtime Teas Actually Bring On Sleep?

If you can’t fall asleep, try herbal bedtime teas. Chamomile fights anxiety and is easy to find in stores. Is a migraine keeping you up? Drink fragrant lavender tea. Valerian, kava kava, and skullcap will shorten the amount of time it takes to drift off. Passionflower also has anti-anxiety properties, and the flavor is milder than other herbs. Lemon balm, which is often added to taste, will enhance memory, mood, and calmness.
The Worst Things To Do When You Struggle To Sleep

7 Of The Worst Things To Do When You Struggle To Sleep

Drinking alcohol or caffeine before you sleep is a bad idea. Smoking can also cause insomnia. Try not to watch television or play with your mobile. Increased screen time could limit sleep hours by interfering with circadian rhythms and promoting physiological arousal. If you are a light sleeper, you might want to keep pets off your bed. Some medications are known to interrupt your sleep patterns as well.

Is Spooning Hindering Your Sleep?

Going to sleep in the arms of a loving partner might sound really wonderful but it might not be very good for your sleep....
home remedies for dry hands

A 6-Step Makeover For Dry And Rough Hands

Hands appear dry and roughened when the natural oils and moisture have been stripped off from them. Enhance the suppleness of the skin by avoiding contact with products that contain chemicals. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer. Exfoliating the skin with a homemade sugar scrub is beneficial too. Wear protective gloves while doing housework, gardening or going ou in extreme weather.
Bed Bugs Bites Vs Fleas Bites: Differences And Symptoms

Bed Bug Bites Vs Flea Bites: Differences And Symptoms

Notice a group of small reddish dots on your skin? You could be bitten by a bed bug or a flea. While a bedbug or a flea infestation can be surprisingly hard to get rid of, it’s quite impossible to tell the difference between them. These bugs could also be carrying diseases, which makes it more than just an itchy proposition. To stand the best chance of getting rid of a bug infection, it’s important that you know what bug you’re dealing with so you can get rid of it more effectively.
(We need to start making changes in life before the new year approaches.)

Things To Change In Your Life This Year According To Astrology

True that we have almost approached the end of the year 2017, but it’s never too late to make changes in your life. There...
Maintaining good air quality is important as it impacts on children's health.

5 Ways To Improve The Quality Of Air In Your Bedroom

The air that we breathe impacts our health greatly. In fact, maintaining good air quality is important as it is a crucial factor as...

7 Myths About Bed Bugs You Should Stop Believing In

Beg bugs are the dark overlords of the insect world. They are the parasites that no one wants in their house. And certain myths about them make even more of a persistent problem. Here's what you need to know about bed bugs: they don't only live on beds and travel quite easily in bags, clothing, and other accessories. They can survive in an uninhabited building. Hepatitis B might spread through them. To clean our these pests, go all guns blazing.