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7 Secrets To Help You Get Lustrous, Strong Hair

Hair loss has become a common problem for everyone around the world. Bad food habits, stressful lives and bad lifestyles can all take a...

5 Fatty Oils To Add To Your Diet

Oil is viewed as a nemesis to good health. But, when had in moderation, it can provide a host of health benefits. Soybean oil improves the absorption of carotenoids and fat-soluble vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Avocado oil boosts collagen metabolism and promotes heart health. Canola oil aids weight loss and promotes heart health. Grapeseed oil contains healthy fats and vitamin E. Walnut lowers blood sugar, prevents heart disorders, and promotes skin health.

7 Sneaky Ways To Eat More High-Protein Vegetables

Many vegetables offer protein but don’t limit yourself to salads. Edamame makes for a delicious and silky soup. Artichoke hearts can be blended with cheese for a creamy dip. For hummus with a twist, swap chickpeas for green peas. Add steamed broccoli to pesto for a protein boost. Bake kale for crispy chips. Mushrooms can be made into a sauce and mung bean sprouts can be blended with chia seeds for a delicious spread.

Are Healthy Pasta Alternatives Close To The Real Thing?

Pasta has been around for centuries and is universally loved. However, due to its high carb content, pasta often finds itself on the list...

6 Disease-Fighting Foods To Eat Your Way To Health

Avocados are full fiber and are good for diabetics since it slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Beans being high in isoflavones keep your heart healthy while oranges, flax seeds, and spinach are great cancer-fighters. Spinach also helps protect brain function while turkey boosts immunity and makes a healthy substitute for red meat since it's high in protein but low in saturated fats.
There are certain power foods that can help you must incorporate in your diet.)

14 Power Foods To Fulfill Your Nutrient Content

Power foods are those foods that you can consume by cooking in the blink of an eye and still reap a lot of health...

Eat Fiber For A Happy Poop And Easy Weight Loss

The average person holds 2.5 ounces to 1 pounds of poop, but doing number two won’t lead to weight loss. Instead of trying to poop all day, eat more fiber to aid bowel movements and weight loss. Some of the best sources are fresh fruits and veggies. If you can, leave them unpeeled because most of the fiber resides in the skin. Go for beans, which are packed with both fiber and protein, and whole grains.
coffee for hair loss

How To Use Caffeine For Hair Loss: Spilling The Beans

Studies have found that caffeine can boost hair growth and prevent alopecia or male pattern baldness. Caffeine does this by preventing testosterone from suppressing hair shaft production, penetrating through hair follicles and improving barrier function, among other things.

4 Fruits And Veggies That Fight Inflammation And Leaky Gut

If you ever find yourself suddenly running helter-skelter looking for a bathroom, clutching your ready-to-explode stomach, or you are constipated a lot, and you have symptoms such as tiredness or a migraine, then you may be suffering from leaky gut syndrome. Avoiding processed foods and sugars is a given. You can substitute them with delicious fruits like berries, bananas, and vegetables like beans, ginger, garlic that are designed to improve your gut health and control inflammations.
Constipation can be aggravated if you eat these foods

7 Foods That Can Lead To Constipation

To avoid constipation, steer clear from certain foods. Unripe bananas are hard to digest because they’re rich in complex starches. The lack of fiber in cheese and ice cream may also cause problems. Watch out for caffeine, which dehydrates the body and stool. Even the high fat content of red meat does a number on digestion. Beans are a top source of fiber but don’t eat too much too fast. Processed foods also have little to no fiber.
foods that can aid weight loss

7 Foods That Are Scientifically-Proven To Aid Weight Loss

Eating half a grapefruit before a meal will increase satiety. Beans have both protein and fiber, so they’re a smart choice. Both spicy and sweet peppers have compounds that burn fat through thermogenesis. Love sweets? Eat antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, which is linked to lower BMI. Kimchi, a fermented food, will restore bacterial balance and prevent weight gain. Oatmeal is also rich in fiber, especially when topped with fruits.

7 Hidden Sources Of MSG You Need To Know About

Have you been consciously avoiding noodles and ramen due to the level of MSG in them? If so, a lot of other foods on this list will leave you spellbound. Used extensively as a flavor enhancer, ajinomoto or MSG is found in diet foods, salad dressings, protein powder, colas, soups, and cereal. Fast food is known to contain MSG. The most unexpected food source perhaps is baby formula.

6 Common Foods That Could Cause Serious Health Issues

While we happily munch on our favorite burger, hot dog, or patties, we don't realize the threat of the illnesses that come along with it. Most poultry food like turkey, chicken, and meat like beef or seafood like raw oysters fall in the category of such foods. You should know how these can cause trouble and also know how to buy, cook and eat them for a safer, healthier you. Organic food sources and proper temperature treatment are two options.
There are many foods other than berries that are rich in antioxidants

Foods Other Than Berries That Are Rich In Antioxidants

Berries aren’t the only source of antioxidant polyphenols. Enjoy coffee and tea, two drinks with high levels. Red wine has even more antioxidants, but always drink alcohol in moderation. Enjoy citrus fruits and don’t forget about the skin. You can even add the zest to your meals. For optimal polyphenol intake, choose dark chocolate over white and red onions over yellow. Soybeans are also recommended, but don’t depend on processed products like soy milk.
Your stomach bloats up when you eat the wrong kind of breakfast

Eating These 7 Foods For Breakfast Can Puff Up Your Tummy

Feel your jeans are a little tight around the waist every morning? It's never a pleasant feeling to have belly bloat as it can cause gas and leave you feeling annoyed and uncomfortable for the rest of the day. While skipping breakfast can never be of much help, it doesn't mean that you can eat anything you find. Steer clear from foods like dairy products and greasy foods for breakfast as it can only worsen the issue.