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Do A Daily Detox

We love to detox – a juice cleanse, the maple syrup diet and cabbage soup diet; you name it; we will go to great...
Aromatherapy Easy Way To Make Luxurious Bath Salts at Home

How To Make Bath Salts to experience the best Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy Bath Salts Recipes Aromatherapy has been used for a long time as an alternative medicine for healing one's mood, cognitive, psychological or physical well...
Papaya Masks, Oil And Vinegar For Glowing Skin

20 Papaya Recipes For Glowing Skin: Masks, Vinegar, And Oil

Papaya's versatility lends itself to a range of recipes that bust skin problems. The papain in it dissolves dead skin and makes for a good addition to face and body exfoliants to reduce dirt and grime in skin's pores. Add vitamin E oil, honey, and yogurt for a moisturizing face pack. With apple cider vinegar, papaya busts acne. The peel of papaya makes for a good anti-aging ingredient.
Ayurvedic Morning Rituals

Ayurvedic Morning Rituals

Are you a person who dreads waking up in the morning? Put your alarm on snooze, everyday? Is this affecting your ability to work...
Natural Constipation Remedies You Should Know

Natural Home Remedies For Constipation

Constipation can put a stop to any of your daily routines and make you feel miserable all the time. It can be tiresome. But a few simple tweaks to your daily diet and lifestyle can cure you of this condition. Consider these 10 home remedies to cure constipation.