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5 Food Allergy Symptoms That Should Not Be Overlooked

5 Early Symptoms That Indicate A Food Allergy

Food allergies can be terrifying. Not only do they make you feel uneasy but also keep you from eating foods that everyone else can...

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Luxury Bath Spa

Going to a luxury spa to relax and rejuvenate yourself can be an expensive affair. Instead of burning a $100 hole in your pocket,...

10 Indoor Safety Tips For COPD Patients

Surviving with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) means that you need to plan ahead to make your life more organized and easier to live....
Non-Toxic DIY Home Cleaners

6 DIY Home Cleaners That Will Keep Your Family Safe

Most household cleaning products are full of toxic chemicals that have dangerous side-effects on you and the environment. If your cleaners zap germs by...

Stay Healthy This Flu Season With This DIY Ginger Detox Bath

The warming, anti-inflammatory effect of ginger along with the absorption-boosting properties of Epsom salt helps your body sweat out the toxins while it simultaneously soaks up essential minerals and nutrients for smooth and efficient functioning. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar help restore your body's pH levels to keep it infection-free, while enhancing oxygen supply to the cells and boosting your immune levels to help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Use Bath Salts To Treat Your Body From Head To Toe

Bath salts are not just about giving you a relaxing bath! They have certain health benefits that target you head-to-toe. The many minerals in bath salts help to detox the body, heal bruises, exfoliate the skin, relieve blocked nose/sinus congestion, and more. Use it to soak, take some steam, or apply on wounds. Ensure you pick natural, pure bath salts from reputable sources for the best results.

6 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of A Fever

A fever is your body's defense mechanism against an infection. If your temperature is higher than 99°F or 37.2°C, you might be having a fever. To break a fever, get enough rest and don't go out of the house. Drink at least 2 liters of fluids to keep yourself hydrated and eat blank probiotic-rich food like yogurt and fermented cabbage. To bring down your body temperature, take a warm bath, keep a wet cloth on your forehead, wear wet socks to bed, and wear light clothes.

6 Most Helpful Tips To Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy

Every one of us envies the smoothness of a baby’s skin. It is so soft and delicate. However, if you fail to take proper...
Benefits of bubble baths and how to make them

5 Benefits Of Bubble Baths And How To Make Your Own

Is splashing around in a bubble bath when you were a kid one of your favorite childhood memories? Popping bubbles might have been the...

10 Habits That’ll Make You Sleep Faster And Better

Fag end of the day. You’re lying in bed, trying hard to sleep and you just can’t sleep. And the harder you try to...
Creative New Ways To Use Olive Oil

7 Ways To Use Olive Oil You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Olive oil has earned its place in every kitchen. How often do you find an ingredient that’s healthy and can make anything it’s drizzled...

9 Self-Care Practices For A Healthy Mind And Body

Keeping in touch with your mental and emotional health is extremely important. These simple practices can help you do that. Journal to allow your thoughts and emotions to freely flow. Learn to cook some healthy meals and keep a day aside to do your chores. Maybe rediscover your childhood hobbies. Try taking a warm bath every now and then. Cut down on screen time to reduce stress.

7 Quick Tips To Create A Strong Bond With Your Baby

Once your baby arrives, almost all your time goes into taking care of them and showering them with your love and affection. Sometimes, this...
Mold is caused by condensation and excess moisture

6 Simple Ways To Reduce Condensation On Your Property

If you've lived in a student's hostel or traveler's digs, there must've been times when you had to dry your clothes inside. Combine this with other common winter habits like keeping your windows sealed or running the humidifier and you might as well allow mould to settle in your place for the cold season. From improving your home's ventilation to checking your walls or roof for leaks, the only way to fight the annual mould attack is by reducing condensation on your property.

The Truth About Burning Calories With Hot Baths

Hot water baths can help your tense muscles relax. Spending time in a hot tub or sauna can also lead to passive heating wherein the body's temperature rises and calories get burnt. However, an hour of spending time in a hot tub doesn't burn a huge amount of calories when compared to an hour of exercise. The health benefits of daily physical activity are better any day.