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Benefits Of Honey Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Honey is Nature’s gift to humans. The efforts of the honey bee enable us to improve our health and enhance beauty. Honey has numerous skin health benefits and is used extensively to treat skin conditions. It is a common ingredient in most health spas and salons across the world. Face masks can be prepared by mixing honey with other ingredients to obtain a glowing skin.

6 Reasons Why You Should Add Bananas To Your Oatmeal

Bananas are one of the most easily available and nutritious foods. Many of us have underestimated the health benefits of a banana. From reducing the risk of cardiac disease to improving digestion, having a banana a day is essential for your overall health. The best way to have it though is in combination with a nutritious grain like oatmeal.

9 Ways To Use Bananas For Your Skin And Hair

Bananas are versatile and can be used to heal dry skin, dry hair, cleanse the pores, and brighten the skin. Bananas can help you reduce dandruff and hair fall, by moisturizing and cleaning the scalp. Bananas contain antioxidants that fight free radicals that damage the skin and make it dull, dry, and wrinkled. They can reduce the signs of aging.

6 Homemade Hair Masks To Treat And Reverse The Damaging Effects Of Coloring

Color damage can be treated with the regular use of a deep conditioning mask once a week. Ingredients like avocado, banana, mayonnaise, olive oil, coconut oil, and eggs contain useful nutrients for hair growth as well as fats and oils to replenish hair moisture. These treatments can be used to treat damage on uncolored dry or frizzy hair as well.

8 Home Remedies That Can Help You Get Rid Of Split Ends

Split ends can affect the growth of your hair. Your hair may become dull, dry and rough. Papaya, eggs, milk, avocado, and mayonnaise are rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins that help to nourish, moisturize and repair the damaged hair. Hot oil treatment with coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil can help to restore the moisture and prevent split ends. Also, aloe vera contains vitamins and proteins that stimulate hair growth and repairs damage.

5 Reasons Why Banana Peels Are Great For Your Skin

Rubbing banana peels on your skin helps reduce aging signs like wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines and soothe inflammation and itchiness due to acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Apart from that, banana peels can also moisturize your skin, reduce puffy eyes, and keep your skin protected from UV rays.
Easy Home Remedies To Remove Moles

5 Easy Home Remedies To Remove Moles

Are the moles on your skin affecting the way you look and feel about yourself? Sunlight, teenage, or pregnancy may lead to clustered melanocytes (cells responsible for skin color), thus causing moles on skin. Apple cider vinegar, baking soda and castor oil, garlic, banana peel, and aloe vera gel are the natural ways that you can opt for to remove such non-cancerous lesions on your skin.

Ayurveda Suggests What Plates To Dine With To Improve Your Health

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine that was developed over 5000 years ago. Unlike Allopathy, Ayurveda's focus is on maintaining a balance...

Flat-Belly Breakfasts You Need In Your Life

Get ready for a breakfast makeover. To blast your belly fat, one ideal way is to start from the fat-busting breakfast itself. Gradually you can...

Avocado Face Mask – Quick And Simple Skin Care

Worried about your skincare? Looking for a chemical-free home remedy to nourish your skin? Treat yourself to an avocado face mask. Avocado, with its...

3 Thyroid-Supporting Smoothie Recipes

In Hashimoto's, the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. To boost thyroid function, drink a smoothie made of 1 cup coconut milk, ½ cup frozen blueberries, a handful of spinach, ½ tsp cod liver oil, and a pinch of sea salt. The vit. D in cod liver oil prevents autoimmune attacks, while coconut milk provides good fats. It's also unlikely to set off any allergies or worsen your autoimmune condition. Sea salt helps resolve the adrenal gland issues linked with Hashimoto's, and some spinach now and then helps too.
health benefits of bee pollen

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen

Bee pollen can fight inflammation, give you an antioxidant boost, treat iron deficiency anemia, protect your liver, fight infections, help with allergies, and improve menopausal symptoms. But it can cause severe allergic reactions and is not suitable if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice

Everyone knows that bananas are a high-energy super-fruit and the numerous health benefits they provide. But, the stem of the banana plant has even...
calories in a banana

How Many Calories Are In A Banana And Other Banana Products?

A small banana (less than 6 inches) has 72 calories; a medium (7–8 inches) banana has 105 calories; and an extra-large (more than 9 inches) banana has 135 calories. Banana products like breads, chips, or muffins are, however, richer in calories and have low nutritional value. You can make them at home with healthy substitutes for sugar and flour. If you are diabetic or have kidney disease, go easy on ripe bananas and banana products.
do bananas help you sleep

Can Bananas Help You Sleep Better?

Are sleepless nights the bane of your existence? Insomnia and exhaustion are a reality for so many people. And when sleeplessness adversely impacts both health and mood, it's something worth paying attention to. Sure, medical aids exist. But a more natural answer might lie within bananas. They're rich in magnesium, zinc, tryptophan, and potassium, nutrients that are essential for the body to sleep and rest. Here's how it works.