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Bananas have surprising health benefits

14 Surprising Health Benefits Of Bananas

Do you know all that bananas have to offer? These tasty fruits can fight cancer thanks to antioxidants and tumor necrosis factor. Bananas even have dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to reward and emotion. It’ll instantly boost your mood! Bananas are also high in potassium, making them ideal for improving muscle cramps, high blood pressure, and risk for kidney stones. Additionally, their phytosterols will lower blood cholesterol, while other properties heal ulcers.
5 Healthy Bee Pollen Recipes And Possible Side Effects

5 Healthy Bee Pollen Recipes And Potential Side Effects

You know all about the various ways in which you can use honey. But what about bee pollen? The pollen ball packed by honeybees...
Egg Allergy: Causes, Symptoms, And Healthy Egg Alternatives

What Everybody Ought To Know About Egg Allergies

Egg allergies can be the worst ailment ever. Think about the delicious cakes and muffins you would have to give up on! To make...

Could You Be Allergic To Bananas? Here’s What You Need To Know

Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies, including 5.9 million children under age 18. And about 30 percent of children...

7 Tips To Straighten Hair Without A Straightener

Regular hair straightening is both, inconvenient and damaging to hair. Instead, wrap sections of your hair around your head to get rid of waves in hair. Alternatively, use rollers on damp hair or set your hair in a bun and let it dry naturally for a straight look. You could also blow-dry sections of your hair on the cold setting or tie them with hair bands. Hair masks with banana and coconut might also help.

6 Homemade Fruity Drinks To Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Reduce the severity of your asthma condition with a higher intake of fruits and vegetables. Juice them to include them in your diet easily. Make smoothies with apples, pears, vitamin-C rich cherries and raspberries, antioxidant-containing watermelons, and others. The addition of flaxseeds ensures omega-3 fatty acids that are antiasthmatic compounds.

A Homemade Facial Mask That Can Pamper Your Sweet Tooth

By now, you must have realized that buying those commercial face masks are not healthy for your skin. They not only affect your skin health...

What Are The Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Banana Chips?

Banana chips are fried snacks that are known to contain the same nutrients found in ripe bananas. But, the process of deep-frying them reduces the levels of the nutrients and makes them less healthy when compared to ripe bananas. However, it’s good to know about the health and nutritional benefits offered by this delicious snack and what oils to use while deep-frying them, so that you make a healthy choice.

5 Fantastic Ways Honey Can Be Used To Revitalize Dull Hair

Hair masks with honey are the best way to restore tresses that are dry and lifeless. Hair can become dull and frizzy due to environmental factors or excessive styling procedures. Honey is a natural humectant that has the ability to seal moisture in the hair . Hair maks that combine honey with yogurt, banana, and cinnamon can do wonders for dry hair.

Top 5 Snacks That Will Help You Lose Weight

If you're trying to drop pounds, don't ignore the snacks in between meals. Reach for foods high in protein and fiber to increase satiety. Craving a crunch? Eat roasted chickpeas. Instead of ice cream, reach for creamy Greek yogurt. Protein bars and oatmeal cookies are travel-friendly, but make sure they're low in sugar. The simple classic combo of peanut butter and bananas will also control appetite.
foods that are high in resistant starch

6 Cooked Foods That Get Starchier On Cooling

Resistant starch is both carbohydrate and fiber. It's present in certain foods like green bananas, potatoes, rice, wheat, and legumes. Studies claim that when foods containing resistant starch are cooled after heating, it increases in concentration. Therefore, it's best to consume this food after cooling them once they are cooked. This is a great way to utilize the health benefits of resistant starch.
eat banana peel for weight loss

The Truth About Losing Weight With Banana Peels

Banana peels are full of dietary fiber and potassium that makes you feel fuller for longer and increases your metabolic rate by burning more calories. However, consuming only banana peels is not going to help you shed a few pounds. Following a balanced diet with regular exercise play major roles in maintaining a healthy weight and getting in shape.

5 Fruit Peels That Are Good For Your Health

Certain fruit peels should go into your stomach than the trash. Avocado peels contain antioxidants and can improve the body's immunity. Orange peels with its fiber content may aid digestion. Lemon peels promote heart health while banana peels can improve your sleep. Watermelon peels may help treat erectile dysfunction and possesses anticancer properties.

Amazing Medicinal Uses And Benefits Of Plantain Herb

Plantain is a small plant that is generally considered as an invasive weed. It grows wildly in many parts of North America and is commonly found in the backyards of most people’s houses. There are mainly two varieties of this herb, both of which contain many medicinal properties. It has been used for centuries to treat cuts, burns, and has been scientifically proven as an effective treatment for numerous diseases.
Delicious Sugar Substitutes And When To Use Them

6 Delicious Sugar Substitutes And When To Use Them

Swap refined sugar with a pinch of cinnamon for your morning cup o’ joe. Add it to your oatmeal as well. Spread Grade B maple syrup on pancakes, waffles, and use it as a sauce for baking. Add banana puree to sweeten smoothies and desserts. You could build a puree by mashing a banana and mixing it water. You could also swap all your refined sugar choices with coconut sugar.