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How to lower cholesterol levels with diet?

5 Tips on Diet To Lower Cholesterol That Can Save Your Life

Mediterranean diet isn't too restrictive which allows you to take care of your health while still eating delicious foods. Avoid trans fat completely, and increase fiber intake, it reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol by up to 5%. Go in for a plant based diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Avoid anything deep fried, processed or contains artificial flavors.

Impact Of Oral Hygiene For Overall Health

The American Dental Association states that 40 % of people with gum disease also have a chronic health conditions. Diabetes, heart disease and arthritis are related to dental health. Eating a balanced diet avoiding sweets, drinking lots of water, avoiding tobacco, chewing sugarless gum and regular dental check ups are a must to keep dental health in check.
Follow A Mediterranean Diet To Look Young

Follow A Mediterranean Diet To Look Young

A recent study in the British Medical Journal says that eating a diet full of vegetables, olive oil, fresh fish and fruits- a typical...
Heart Healthy Greek Diet For Weight Loss

Heart Healthy Greek Diet For Weight Loss

You may have heard of the popular Mediterranean diet, you may even be following it. But did you know that it was actually drawn...