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Gut Bacteria Can Protect You From The Flu

Gut Bacteria Can Protect You From The Flu

To protect yourself from the flu, focus on the gut. Clostridium orbiscindens – a good bacterium – breaks down flavonoids creating metabolites that enhance antiviral ability, so eat a flavonoid-rich diet. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit and berries like blackberries and elderberries are top choices. Dark chocolate, red cabbage, and chickpeas are also high in flavonoids. Black or green tea will also help, even if you already have the flu.
how to treat an infected wound

How To Treat An Infected Wound At Home

Since an infection can get out of hand and cause serious problems, it's imperative to seek medical attention if a wound gets infected. Antibiotics are conventionally used to treat infected wounds. Applying antiseptics like turmeric paste or honey and washing the wound with a neem bark decoction can hasten healing. Spicing up your meals with antimicrobial garlic can help fight the infection from within. Quit smoking and eat healthy to recover sooner.
Benefits of Spikenard Essential Oil

8 Reasons Why You Need Some Spikenard Essential Oil

Among the long line of famous essential oils you’re likely to have come across, spikenard probably went unnoticed. Spikenard essential oil might not be...

7 Common “Health” Tips You Need To Stop Believing Right Now

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Sleep Better By Nurturing Your Gut Bacteria

How To Improve Your Sleep With Gut Bacteria

35% of Americans suffer from insomnia. 35% of Americans battle fatigue all day and cannot get a good night’s sleep no matter how hard...
Loss of hearing could be due to these top reasons

The Top 7 Causes Of Hearing Loss

If you feel your hearing is not right lately, then you are probably right. Over time, everyday noise and age can cause hearing loss. Beyond this, voluntary exposure to loud noises, meningitis, and antibiotics can also cause a dip in hearing. Occupational noise is another serious hearing hazard. Sometimes, changing air pressure causes the ear to hurt and some temporary hearing loss, but this can be cured quite quickly.

Beneficial Bacteria And The Importance Of Having Them

Bifidobacterium, streptococcus and lactobacillus genus of probiotic bacteria are essential for maintaining the health of the digestive system and your overall wellbeing. These good bacteria ward way pathogenic microbes and play a protective role for the internal organs. They can be sourced form fermented foods or supplements. Follow a clean diet with a positive lifestyle to enhance their growth.

6 Signs Your Gut Flora Is Completely Imbalanced

Millions of tiny microorganisms live in your gut can influence everything from your immunity to your state of mind. There are both good and...

7 Components To Help Master Your Body And Mind

Feeling fatigued, lot, and worse than you should? Wondering what's missing? Minerals that help you stay healthy probably are. Inflammation is causing those unexplained diseases and pains. Stress and lack of adequate sleep are throwing you off track. Breathing consciously can help a lot. Good, quality nutrition and maintaining gut health can also make you feel better. Making simple lifestyle changes can help you lead a wholesome life.

5 Foods That Harm Your Gut Bacteria And Immunity

The gut flora is responsible for how healthy you are as the gut influences your immune system. What you eat can have a remarkable effect on the balance of gut bacteria. Harmful food habits include wheat/gluten, irresponsible use of antibiotics, alcohol addiction, chemicals sprayed on produce, and carrageenan. These foods can upset the bacteria balance, kill the good bacteria, and make you weaker.
Heart triggers can be triggered by uncommon factors as well

6 Unorthodox Heart Attack Triggers To Watch Out For

You may be doing everything right to avert the risk of a heart attack but still unintentionally exposing yourself to unrecognized risk factors like the chemicals in canned food (BPA), non-stick cookware (perfluorooctanoic acid), and antibacterial soap (triclosan). Your heart is also at risk from global warming, which increases air pollution.

Bearded Vs Clean Shaven: Which One Is More Hygienic?

Researchers found that clean-shaven men were thrice as more likely to carry the harmful bacteria Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and 10 percent more like colonies of this same bacteria on their faces as compared to their bearded counterparts. Microbiologist Dr. Adam Roberts also discovered microbes in beards that can kill E.coli. Thus, it may be said that beards can actually offer the wearer protection against bacterial infection.

How To Minimize Your Exposure To Toxins

It’s impossible to avoid toxins, but certain habits can limit your exposure. Avoid using anti-bacterial soap, which has hormone-disrupting triclosan. Use castile soap instead. It’s simple, natural, and can be used as hand soap, body wash, and dish soap. The aluminum salts in antiperspirant deodorants aren't healthy as well. Use homemade versions instead! Buy organic food to avoid GMOs and pesticides. At home, use BPA-free products and filter drinking water.

DIY Toothpaste For Healthy, White Teeth With No Cavities

Commercial toothpaste often has triclosan, an antibacterial chemical. Studies have shown that this might mess with hormone levels and promote resistant bacteria. Currently, research is being done on its effect on cancer. So, you’re better off making a homemade natural version! Ingredients include coconut oil, baking soda, xylitol, neem powder, and peppermint oil. These components will naturally fight bacteria, treat gum inflammation, and keep cavities at bay.
How To Eat Bagged Greens And Avoid Salmonella

How To Lower Salmonella Risk When Eating Bagged Leafy Greens

Bagged greens are the most common source of Salmonella poisoning. To eat it safely, always look at the expiration date. Pick a future “use by” date and make sure there are no mushy leaves. Check to make sure the bag isn’t swollen, a sign of bacterial contamination. You should also eat the greens as soon as possible. If the bag says “pre-washed”, play it safe and wash it again.