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Dietary Changes To Supplement An Autism Treatment

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, the condition can last for a few years or be lifelong. While medication is a must...

Genetic History: A Serious Risk Factor Of Autism

While debates go on to find the real reason behind autism, this developmental disorder has been seen to cause a lot of stress to...
EMR has been linked to a variety of health issues)

How Electromagnetic Radiation Harms You And How Can You Protect Yourself From It

With the advancement of technology and with so many electric gadgets being used almost all the time, exposure to electromagnetic radiation has become quite...

7 Common “Health” Tips You Need To Stop Believing Right Now

Right from treating a zit to getting over a hangover, you've been given a lot of health tips. Maybe you heard them from your...

ADHD And Autism: How Are They Different?

ADHD and autism differ in symptoms and treatment. ADHD, found in about 42% kids, is characterized by short attention spans. Autism, which is less common, is manifested more as issues connecting to people and situations. An autistic child starts speaking later, has slow, repetitive speech, and is socially withdrawn, while a kid with ADHD is very talkative and uninhibited. ADHD is treated with medicine, but autism requires several other therapies too.
Yoga poses for children with autism

4 Effective Yoga Poses For Autism

Yoga has now come up as an instrument to help kids with autism. Yoga is well-known for its positive effects on coordination, flexibility, concentration,...

Autism: Facts And The Latest Research

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects 1 in every 68 children in the United States. Also known as autism spectrum disorder, it is...
alternative treatments for autism

5 Natural Alternative Treatments For Autism

If you have a child with autism you must be constantly searching for interventions that can help the child cope better with the world. In addition to special educational programs designed for autism, you might want to check out alternative approaches like ayurveda, yoga, music therapy. Use of vitamin, mineral supplementation have been found to help as well.

Top 7 Vaccination Myths And Facts For Every Parent

Safety concerns about vaccination are not rare. Many parents have reservations about various vaccines, which force them not to immunize their kids. Despite overwhelming...
Benefits of dog therapy

Benefits Of Dog Therapy For Anxiety, Depression, Autism, And More

Are you a dog lover? If so, you know just how friendly dogs can be. Therapy dogs, in particular, are especially sweet and affectionate....

Benefits Of A Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet requires you to consume low carbs and high-fat diet so that your body burns fat much faster. Here is a list of reasons why you should try a ketogenic diet to stay more fit.

Autism: Early Signs And Complementary Therapies

While the signs and symptoms of autism vary widely from person to person, few core telltale signs are difficulty in interacting socially with others or peers of same age, weak verbal/non verbal communication skills, and stereotyped or repetitive behaviors. Seeking art, music or swim therapy may greatly help your child learn, grow, and thrive.

Benefits Of Music Therapy In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

For children struggling with autism spectrum disorder or other forms of learning disabilities, music therapy shows promise. Studies reveal its ability to heal and support skill building in children and teens along with an improvement in social skills, attention span, and communication.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Music?

Music not only to the ears but to the brain as well? Music activates multiple regions of the brain responsible for memory, emotion, and even auditory, motor, and visual skills. A few good numbers can work wonders to relieve chronic pain (in cancer patients too), restore movement in stroke patients, calm autistic children, uplift the depressed, and stabilize blood pressure in coronary patients.

What Are The Symptoms Of Autism And How Do You Detect Them?

Absence of some regular responses in children hint at autism– responding to sounds (2 mths), recognizing people (9 mths), imitating people (1.5 yrs), speaking in sentences (3 yrs), scribbling (4 yrs), and drawing (5 yrs). Utmost shyness or aggression in older children are symptoms, too. Autistic adults are socially awkward, exhibit obsessive behavior, and have unusual highly focused interests.