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Aromatherapy: Best Essential Oils To Use For Yoga

Aromatherapy can significantly enhance your yoga practice. The scent of essential oils will energize the mind, body, and soul, helping you get the most out of each pose. Need to de-stress? Use lavender and chamomile for relaxation. Sandalwood oil will also center the mind. With peppermint and eucalyptus, you can feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Brighten up your practice with sunny scents like bergamot and grapefruit. To enjoy, use an essential oil diffuser or apply to the skin.

7 Natural Ways To Relieve Anxiety

Mild anxiety is normal considering the hustle of daily life, but anything more serious needs professional help. But, natural remedies add to conventional treatment. Herbal teas like chamomile, lemon balm, and green tea have calming effects. Regular exercise reduces stress and elevates mood. Herbal supplements and healthy, well-balanced meals relieve the symptoms of anxiety while tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine, worsen them. Regular meditation improves mood. Aromatherapy and warm baths relieve stress-induced anxiety.

7 Ways To Get Better Sleep After 40

Sleep problems are a common part of aging. But just because you're over 40 doesn't mean it's too late to make a change. Cognitive behavioral therapy controls stress and hot flashes, both of which worsen insomnia. Caffeine sensitivity also increases with age, so try decaf or cutting back. Ask your doctor about changing prescription drugs. Yoga, exercise, and aromatherapy will lower stress and improve sleep quality. The risk for sleep apnea also increases with age, so get yourself checked.

Here’s How To Turn Off Hair Thinning Hormones

Telogen effluvium is the second most common type of hair loss. It affects the hair follicle’s lifespan, and is caused by hormonal imbalances like intense stress, thyroid disorders, or severe weight loss. To treat telogen effluvium, work on achieving balance through exercise. Yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy have also been proven to reduce the body’s stress levels. If you smoke, know that the nicotine disrupts hormonal balance. Work on quitting to protect your body and hair.
nature has blessed us with so many natural ingredients to help us prevent such bites in the first place)

Natural Remedies For All Types Of Bug Bites Imaginable

As dusk sets in, the idea of going for a stroll in the park, going camping, or simply relaxing on your front porch seems...

10 Ways To Use Feng Shui For A More Productive Workplace

Is being at work a weight on your spirit even though you enjoy what you do? Your office space itself might be creating stress...

9 Easy Ways To De-Stress And Relax

In today’s fast paced world, there is no dearth of the stressors that we are left to deal with, in our environment. And whether...

7 Alternative Medicines That Cure With Fewer Side Effects

Alternative treatments use practices that aren’t “mainstream,” giving you options beyond conventional medicine. Ayurveda is a medical system that uses herbs, special diets, and lifestyle habits for optimal health. To promote healing, aromatherapy uses essential oils while chiropractic care involves hands-on manipulation. Acupuncture stimulates nerves with thin needles. Naturopathy stems from folk medicine, and treatments are meant to limit side effects. Biofeedback is used to control body functions like blood pressure. And reiki uses energy relaxing for stress relief.
Essential oils are a part of aromatherapy that helps people stay healthy

The Essential Oils You Must Use According To Ayurveda

Aromatherapy is a personalized treatment and is done through scents or fragrances. An aroma that works for you might not work for everybody else...
Anxiety and stress can be handled easily with these methods

Try These 5 Unorthodox Ways To Handle Anxiety

There are many other methods that will help with anxiety and it is not just from yoga and meditation. There are many simple things like aromatherapy, listening to music, laughter, and positive emotions that can help you control your stress and improve wellbeing. You may be surprised to know that even a simple thing like getting up early can actually reduce the stress quotient in your life. Try out these ways and watch your anxiety vanish.
There Is Limited Scientific Evidence To Support The Effects Of Aromatherapy

What Is The Science Behind The Components Used In Aromatherapy?

You may have recently heard that aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine, is gaining popularity. Aromatherapists believe that the scents they obtain from raw,...
Trying to lose weight? Focus on the adrenal glands.

Lose Weight By Learning About Your Adrenal Glands

Adrenal glands secrete cortisol, the “stress hormone.” At high levels, cortisol prevents fat breakdown and promotes weight gain. That’s why managing stress may be the answer to successful weight loss! Start by meditating and doing yoga, two activities that lower cortisol. Aromatherapy, with scents like lavender and bergamot, has the same effect. Laughter also controls cortisol levels, so make time for fun. Avoid smoking cigarettes, as nicotine withdrawal mimics stress and raises cortisol.

10 Serious Side Effects Of Burning Incense Sticks

Incense sticks come with a whole host of health risks such as genetic mutations, lung cancer, asthma and other respiratory diseases, leukemia, heart disease, skin irritation, and neurological problems. Other types of incense sticks such as citronella and sandalwood are just as harmful. Products marketed as "herbal incense" which are meant to be smoked, can cause adverse physical reactions.

6 Aromatherapy Solutions For Weight Loss And Fitness

Essential oils promote weight loss, overall fitness, and well-being by bringing down appetite, elevating mood, and curbing emotional eating. Oils that can be used include lemon oil, grapefruit oil, bergamot oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, and fennel oil. While some of these oils can be massaged into your skin, some can be ingested. Use them only as weight loss aids and not as a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise.
Natural Methods To Prevent Daytime Drowsiness

Natural Methods To Prevent Daytime Drowsiness

Daytime drowsiness is annoying and can negatively impact your work schedule, affecting your productivity. Daytime drowsiness causes lethargy and loss of concentration on the task leaving you unable to think clearly. Natural methods to prevent and cure daytime drowsiness include simple diet modifications and lifestyle changes. Following a regular sleeping pattern, exercises, yoga and meditation can help overcome daytime drowsiness.