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9 Natural Foods That Prevent Septic Infections And Kill Bacteria

If you've ever scraped your knee or had an open wound, the first thing you'd do is reach for an antiseptic cream or lotion....

Sulfur Burps: Causes, Home Remedies, And Lifestyle Tips

To avoid being embarrassed by the rotten egg smell of sulfur burps, learn the root cause. Burping, both regular and the stinkers, is mostly due to digestive disorders that are plaguing your stomach. These can be anything from indigestion to the irritable bowel syndrome. Read on to know how to treat the disorders and the burps using simple home remedies.

5 Natural Ways To Stop Excess Vaginal Discharge

Leucorrhea, or vaginal discharge, may or may not be normal. If the amount or color changes, visit the doctor ASAP. Foul odor and itching are tell-tale signs of an infection. You can also try herbal remedies to reduce discharge. Traditional medicine has used spices like sumac, anise, and sorrel to treat leucorrhea. Additional natural remedies include amla berry, one of the top ayurvedic treatments, and olive. Even when using these treatments, be sure to get a potential infection checked out.
Herbs And Spices To Make Your Desserts Flavorful

11 Herbs And Spices To Make Your Desserts Flavorful

Adding herbs and spices to your desserts makes up for any lacking flavor. Try adding nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, mace, and allspice to your pies and cakes to make them tastier. If you want your desserts to have a mild licorice-like taste, try anise or fennel seeds. Mint gives desserts like ice cream and fruit salads a refreshing taste.

11 Health Benefits Of Anise Oil

Aromatherapy is used widely to enhance both physical and mental health. The essential oil that you choose in aromatherapy depends on the purpose –...

15 Herbs And Spices To Balance Hormones

Don’t worry now when you have poor sleep or suffer from fatigue, menstrual irregularity, premenstrual headaches, and mood swings. Just enter your kitchen and start picking daily spices like turmeric, ginger, cilantro, garlic, and saffron to overcome these symptoms. These herbs and spices balance your hormones by cooling inflammation, improving your immune system, and fighting off diseases.

25 Herbs For A Healthy Body, Mind, And Spirit

Love, joy and happiness are primary issues of life. Isn't it what we all want? But depression and sadness are just as fundamental to the human...