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Ayurveda recommends certain diets, asanas, and herbs to lower cholesterol levels in the body.

What Ayurveda Says About The Reduction Of Cholesterol

It is a misconception that cholesterol is bad for your body. Cholesterol is an oil-based substance produced in the body as well as taken...
Tackle Ama For Better Health

Tackle Ama For Better Health

The Ayurvedic term Ama means toxins or waste that blocks and suppresses our digestion and mental system. It weakens our metabolism and causes lethargy, depression, headache, acne, and arthritis in us. To prevent ama, eating the right quantity at the right time, and in-between meals are recommended. The Ayurveda talks about a lot of food combinations to follow and avoid, in order to prevent ama and protect your agni.

5 Ayurvedic Tips To Combat Obesity

With over two-thirds of Americans considered obese, the epidemic is continuously on the rise. Lot of us turn toward detoxes to help with weight loss, but most of these do not help in the long term. Some simple Ayurvedic herbs and practices can help you reduce weight and stay healthy.
how to keep joints healthy

How To Keep Joints Healthy With Ayurveda?

Joint pain can be caused by circulation issues or vata imbalance. Consume sweet, sour and salty food and eat fewer bitter, astringent and pungent foods. Toxic accumulation also causes joint pain. Massage joints using mahanarayana or mahavishagarbha oil. Eat calcium rich foods and include spinach, kale and asparagus in your diet. Avoid caffeine and an acidic diet.
Honey - The Complete Nutrition And Precautions Guide

Honey – The Complete Nutrition And Precautions Guide

Honey can help prevent and cure ailments. It can be used to aid weight loss, void throat pain, blemishes, habitual constipation, respiratory difficulties, as a brain tonic and more. But according to Ayurveda, it should never be heated or mixed with ghee and should not be taken in large quantities for longer periods of time.
Your Tongue Can Determine If You Are Healthy

Tongue As A Health Indicator: 6 Signs, Including Coated Tongue

According to ayurveda, tongue is a map of internal health.The furry coating on the tongue are toxins eliminated from the digestive system overnight. A cold, rough tongue bearing cracks indicates vata. A red/blue colour tongue indicates pitta. A white, slimy tongue indicates kapha. If all doshas are aggravated, then the tongue is black and thorny eruptions come out.
Top 8 Ayurvedic Treatments for Heart Disease.

Top 8 Ayurvedic Treatments for Heart Disease.

    Ayurvedic treatments for Heart disease provide with complete focus in striking at the very root of the disease by addressing the disease holistically. These...
The Down And Dirty On AMA.

The Down And Dirty On AMA.

  Ever have those days when you feel just a bit "off", not great, but you can't figure out why or even exactly what's off....