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No, Almond Milk Is Not All That Nutritious. Here’s Why

Industry-scale dairy production riddled with hormones, antibiotics, and pasteurized milk has resulted in large swathes of lactose intolerant adults. We are, however, people who...

10 Delicious Snack Ideas That Are Guilt-Free

Indulging in snacks doesn't have to mean compromising on your diet and health. Spread almond butter on apple slices for a nutritional boost. Dip veggie sticks into hummus to avoid overeating. When you're craving something sweet, try frozen grapes, dairy-free banana ice cream, or yogurt with fresh fruit. Eat oatmeal with protein powder, avocado on rice crackers or wheat crackers with cheese for an energy boost. For something classic, spread peanut butter on celery stalks.

5 Super Healthy Flours Recommended By The Paleo Diet

Almond flour is a great gluten-free choice. It's a good option for diabetics because of its low glycemic index. Coconut flour has lower calories than almond flour and it's high in fiber. If you want something almost identical to white flour in terms of texture, cassava flour is a good choice. Thought not very common, tigernut flour and chestnut flour are also super healthy Paleo flours.
Eye masks to help lighten dark circles

6 DIY Eye Masks For Dark Circles, Tired And Puffy Eyes

Late nights and long hours in front of a computer can give you deep dark circles under your eyes. Dark circles and puffy eyes...
Melasma patches can be treated using Ayurvedic facial treatments

9 Effective Ayurvedic Home Remedies To Treat Melasma

Melasma usually appears as greyish brown patches on the face and, occasionally, on the arms, chest, or back. It is common in women and...
10 Home Remedies To Brighten Up Dull Skin

10 Home Remedies To Brighten Up Dull Skin

Skin dullness is a problem that plagues many of us. Many factors such as a poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep, pollution and harmful chemicals contribute to skin dullness. When the skin becomes dull, it makes us look older and unhealthy. By using commonly found items in your kitchen, you can easily treat skin dullness and restore its glow and youthfulness.
6 Great Appetite-Suppressing Foods For Weight-Watchers

6 Great Appetite-Suppressing Foods For Weight-Watchers

Foods like avocados, apples, and oatmeal are high in soluble fiber, which takes longer to pass through your digestive tract, thus keeping your tummy full for longer. Research shows that eggs reduce hunger-stimulating hormones like ghrelin, while Greek Yogurt, packs a powerful punch of nutrients that increases satiety. The healthy fats in almonds make them excellent snacks, though you may need to be extra cautious about the portion sizes.

6 Foods Guaranteed To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat

People who eat avocado regularly have been found to be healthier, fitter, and they tend to have lesser belly fat. Also, coconut oil was found to reduce waist circumference in just 4 weeks. Berries are the healthiest fix for a sweet craving when you are trying to lose weight, especially around the waist. Research reveals eating oatmeal reduces abdominal fat, waist-to-hip ratio, and overall body fat.

12 Handy Tips When You’re Walking For Weight Loss

Walking is a simple and effective way to lose weight if you're dedicated to doing it regularly. It does not require expensive gym memberships or...
Losing weight by just eating these power foods

Try These 5 Power Foods For Weight Loss

You don't need a complicated diet in order to lose the weight that you need to loose. The most effective way for you to lose weight is very pretty simple. All you need is regular exercise along with a healthy, high-protein diet. Beans and sun-dried tomatoes are high in protein as well. Power foods like lean meat and spinach can be your saving grace are exceptional in their nutritional value and are beneficial in weight loss and general health.

7 Snacks You Can Binge On To Maintain A Bikini Body

Achieving a bikini body requires consistent hard work, healthy food habits and persistence to stay away from unhealthy junk food. Hence, it is important...
Alkaline Foods That Protect You From Chronic Disease

7 Alkaline Foods That Protect You From Chronic Disease

When food is digested, it releases an acid or base. The Western diet – which is highly acidic – is linked to high rates of disease. Alkaline foods, however, have the opposite effect. These include fruits, vegetables, tubers, roots, and nuts. Oranges, kale, and carrots are just the beginning. By eating more alkaline foods, you can lower the risk for diseases like osteoporosis, hypertension, and age-related muscle wasting.

9 Condiments That Can Help You Shed A Few Pounds

Weight loss doesn't always require a boring diet. Using the right condiments and exercising can effectively help you shed some extra pounds. Hot sauce, mustard, almond butter, soy sauce, and salsa are healthy alternatives to the high-fat and high-calorie condiments you usually use. Condiments rich in proteins and healthy fats can effectively help you lose weight and also benefit your overall health.

5 Different Types Of Yogurt That You Must Know

Yogurt is full of nutrients and also benefits your heart health and digestion. Non-dairy yogurts like almond yogurt, coconut yogurt, and soy yogurt is a good alternative for the people who are lactose intolerant. Greek yogurt is thicker than the regular yogurt as the whey and lactose if removed from it. It also contains less sugar and carbohydrates. When you buy yogurt, avoid buying the one with added sugar and thickeners to reap all the benefits.
Almond milk can be consumed by vegans and those who are lactose intolerant

How To Have Almond Milk For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

If you are lactose intolerant or if you're becoming a vegan, but do not want to lose out on the many health benefits dairy...