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10 Delicious Snack Ideas That Are Guilt-Free

Indulging in snacks doesn't have to mean compromising on your diet and health. Spread almond butter on apple slices for a nutritional boost. Dip veggie sticks into hummus to avoid overeating. When you're craving something sweet, try frozen grapes, dairy-free banana ice cream, or yogurt with fresh fruit. Eat oatmeal with protein powder, avocado on rice crackers or wheat crackers with cheese for an energy boost. For something classic, spread peanut butter on celery stalks.

6 Foods Guaranteed To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat

People who eat avocado regularly have been found to be healthier, fitter, and they tend to have lesser belly fat. Also, coconut oil was found to reduce waist circumference in just 4 weeks. Berries are the healthiest fix for a sweet craving when you are trying to lose weight, especially around the waist. Research reveals eating oatmeal reduces abdominal fat, waist-to-hip ratio, and overall body fat.

7 Snacks You Can Binge On To Maintain A Bikini Body

Achieving a bikini body requires consistent hard work, healthy food habits and persistence to stay away from unhealthy junk food. Hence, it is important...

9 Condiments That Can Help You Shed A Few Pounds

Weight loss doesn't always require a boring diet. Using the right condiments and exercising can effectively help you shed some extra pounds. Hot sauce, mustard, almond butter, soy sauce, and salsa are healthy alternatives to the high-fat and high-calorie condiments you usually use. Condiments rich in proteins and healthy fats can effectively help you lose weight and also benefit your overall health.
There are many healthy substitutes for eggs depending on the recipe we make.

Top 6 Easy And Healthy Egg Substitutes

Eggs have always been used in most baked foods. Eggs contain protein and fat, and they provide structure, texture, and taste to our recipes....
Almond Butter Vs Peanut Butter: Which One Is Healthier

Almond Butter Vs Peanut Butter: Which One Is Healthier?

Peanut and almond butters are popular health foods. They have similar benefits, but almond butter is more expensive. Both increase satiety, thanks to fiber and protein. Over time, this can control appetite and weight gain. Peanut and almond butters will also reduce heart disease risk factors like hypertension and high cholesterol. At risk for diabetes? These butters will manage hyperglycemia and prevent complications. The healthier choice is the one you love.

5 Yogi Meals To Give You Energy

Eating habits impact your concentration while practising yoga. Sattvic food i.e., the 'pure-essence' food can help. A simple smoothie with strawberries, kale, almond milk, and broccoli sprouts is full of nutrients and increases vitality. Almond butter+banana+greens' smoothie has vitamin B and is loaded with energy minerals. Hot oatmeal with spices is easily digestible and provides optimal energy. Also, avocado and sprouted toast and green juice oxygenate your cells and provides required nutrients.

A Nut Butter Guide For Beginners

Nut butters are an easy source of protein that can be had in a pinch. You might be frequently using these butters, do you know their nutritional benefits? Do you know the difference you can see in consuming roasted and raw nut betters? Check out these four amazing nut butters and the exact benefits to be had from them.
Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Melt That Extra Fat- Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Nuts are filled with healthy fats and suppress hunger. No-mayo tuna with whole grain crackers provides a rich dose of protein and fiber. Hummus with veggies is rich in fiber and good source of protein. Other options include yogurt parfait with berries and hemp seeds, hard boiled eggs, apple with cheese, lettuce wraps and strawberries dipped in Greek yogurt.
Replace Peanut Butter With Goji Berry Almond Butter

Replace Peanut Butter With Goji Berry Almond Butter?

Almond butter is rich in Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and fiber but is more expensive than peanut butter.Make this at home and save a few dollars. Pulse 1 cup roasted almonds until smooth, add 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and a pinch of sea salt. Blend again for a bit, add 1/3 cup goji berries, blend until desired smoothness is achieved.
Just Starting Paleo 8 Easy Paleo Swaps.

Just Starting Paleo? 8 Easy Paleo Swaps.

When you’re first starting a Paleo (or a grain-free, legume-free, mostly dairy-free) lifestyle, it can be hard to let go of some of your...
Scrumptiously Healthy Recipes With Almond Butter.

Scrumptiously Healthy Recipes With Almond Butter.

Are you looking for something that will satisfy every craving? Then these almond butter recipes will give you no excuses not to indulge yourself....