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5 Yoga Poses For Scoliosis That You Can Try

In people with scoliosis, yoga can improve spinal alignment and relieve pain. Cat-cow pose elongates the spine and releases tension in the back muscles. Child's pose eases pain in the back. Standing poses like triangle pose, side plank, and warrior I improve posture and spinal alignment. Be sure to maintain good form and perform these asanas under the guidance of a professional.
Body alignment can wreck your mental and physical health

Improve Your Body Alignment With These 7 Simple Steps

Your body posture is important. You might have read quite a few articles on how posture can make an impression on others and instills...

Adult Braces: Fix Your Crooked Smile Even When You Age

If you've missed correcting your teeth when you were young, you can fix them now with adult braces. They are of different types including metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners. They may take more time and some may be more expensive than the others. Visit an orthodontist and follow the procedures to get your confident smile.
Everything You Need To Know About Anusara Yoga

Everything You Need To Know About Anusara Yoga

Anusara yoga focuses on reconnecting with the goodness inside you, goodness that every person is born with. Based on five principles of alignment, it involves postures that are in tune with the natural energy circuits within the body. Three prime focal points of energy within the body are activated as well. Anusara yoga is bound to lift your spirits and make you feel good about yourself.

Managing Back Pain While On A Vacation

Back Pain affects your mobility and overall quality of life. When on a vacation, it becomes annoyingly intrusive. Managing it by keeping a check on your posture, seating position is the primary solution. Ensuring enough movement and not being seated for long time, using hot/cold packs, taking rest, diverting yourself away from pain, help keeping the pain at bay.

Unplug To Reconnect With Your Life

Be it while walking down a street or at a family dinner, we prioritize connecting with the rest of the world over spending quality time with the person sitting right next to us. Make your phone inaccessible for a day to realize what you are missing and to enhance your life experiences. Spend more time socializing in person rather than overusing technology. Enjoy being present in the current moment.

How To Build Core Abs Like A Ballet Dancer?

Lying on your back, hold a stability ball between your hands and extend the arms straight up to the ceiling. As you exhale, stretch the arms overhead as far as possible without arching the mid-back. Then place heels on the stability ball, relaxing the legs. Gently press the ball away and back towards you while maintaining intra-abdominal pressure.

Where is the Spine?

Lay face up with knees bent, put hands on hip bones. Locate your pubic bone and check if the hip bones and the pubic bone are all on the same plane. If your pubic bone is pointing towards the roof then you've a posterior tilt and if its pointing downward you've an anterior tilt. Exercises like dead bug, planks and roll- outs will help correct these tilts.
Your Tongue Can Determine If You Are Healthy

Tongue As A Health Indicator: 6 Signs, Including Coated Tongue

According to ayurveda, tongue is a map of internal health.The furry coating on the tongue are toxins eliminated from the digestive system overnight. A cold, rough tongue bearing cracks indicates vata. A red/blue colour tongue indicates pitta. A white, slimy tongue indicates kapha. If all doshas are aggravated, then the tongue is black and thorny eruptions come out.
Top 8 Ayurvedic Treatments for Heart Disease.

Top 8 Ayurvedic Treatments for Heart Disease.

    Ayurvedic treatments for Heart disease provide with complete focus in striking at the very root of the disease by addressing the disease holistically. These...
Mudra Therapy: Hand Alignments for Holistic Health.

Mudra Therapy: Hand Alignments For Holistic Health

Believe it or not - Your health is in your hands! Our hands are particularly blessed with virtues of wellness. The four fingers and...