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Herbs That Help Treat Anemia

6 Herbs That Can Help In Treating Anemia

Anemia occurs as a result of the deficiency of red blood cells or hemoglobin levels in the blood. Skin paleness and generalized weakness in the body are obvious signs of anemia. Anemia is one of the most common blood disorders, which affects many people, young and the old alike, globally. Anemia is chiefly caused by improper diet and prolonged illness. Easily available herbs have the potential to prevent anemia and help in recovery.

7 Foods That Could Increase Your Breast Size

Full and firm breasts a sign of good breast health and can help you feel confident. While breast augmentation is an option, it could cause complications and is not always 100% safe. Instead, you can enhance your breast size naturally by including foods that are rich in natural estrogen.
herbs to dissolve uric acid

7 Powerful Herbs To Dissolve Uric Acid Naturally

Right now, gout affects 4% of the total U.S population. And it is still rising, owing to the growing numbers of obesity and high...

Why You Should Grow Nutritious Alfalfa Sprouts At Home

Rich in essential and trace minerals, alfalfa plants - in sprouting trays or jars at home, can be your go-to energy source. Saponins in these plants help fight cancers, reduce inflammation, inhibit arterial plaque, and neutralize free radicals. Alfalfa is perfect for your weight loss diets - high in fiber and protein and low in calories. It's estrogens enhance bone density, that help prevent osteoporosis.
Six Herbal Supplements that Reduce Cholesterol

Herbs to Lower Cholesterol: Six Best Supplements

Alfalfa-blocks absorption of bad cholesterol, prevents plaque build-up. Garlic-lowers bad cholesterol, elevates good cholesterol. Hawthorn leaf-reduces inflammation. Evening Primrose Oil- helps produce PFE1 that fights inflammation and high cholesterol. Green tea- lowers bad cholesterol. Glucomannan-lowers triglyceride levels, aids weight loss.