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11 Foods That Shouldn’t Ever Need An Expiration Date

We often tend to be casual about grocery shopping, and rest boxes of foods in the shopping cart without looking at them twice. How...

Foods That Can Stress You Out

We are all guilty of binging on fried, salty, or sweet foods when we feel nervous, anxious, or stressed. But did you know some foods could actually be making your stress worse? In fact, some popular snacks and drinks can inject stress even when you’re in an otherwise neutral frame of mind. So watch what you eat because your food could be stressing you out!

Horehound As A Natural Remedy To Health Problems

Even as more research is underway, the first use of this minty medicinal plant dates back to Roman era. Let's find out more on using horehounds in medicine.

Scale It Down: 8 Tips To Lose Weight And Feel Good

Here are some unique weight-loss tips that do not view weight-loss as a punishment; instead makes you feel good and more confident about yourself.

Manage Diabetes With These 8 Self-Care Tips

Here is what you need to get started to manage your diabetes with confidence, whilst maintaining a healthy and happy life.

Can You Consume Alcohol Without Affecting Your Health?

Before drinking, eat fats and proteins to reduce alcohol absorption into blood. Vits B, A, C, and zinc help refill nutrients. Have 1 drink every hr. Drink 285 ml filtered water per 125 ml wine or 225 ml beer to avoid dehydration. Dilute gin or vodka with soda water or fresh citrus. Avoid sugary juices in cocktails to check calorie buildup. Women undergoing hormone treatments must avoid booze.

Coffee Is Good For Your Health, Go Ahead Get That Refill

Your caffeine fix doesn’t just help you jump-start your day but it also packs in a slew of health benefits. Regular coffee drinkers are...

Symptoms Of Pitta Imbalance During Summer And 5 Ways To Fix It

Increased temper, dissatisfaction, joint inflammation, and skin rashes are indicators of summer-time pitta imbalance. Swap hot spices like peppers and jalapenos with cooling ones like coriander. Avoid booze except sweet wines and malted beer. Add rosewater or lemon in drinking water to improve taste and cooling properties. Avoid spats and relax with some rest, books, or just go out on a vacation.

Does Food Impact Quality Of Sleep?

Overdosing on caffeine or alcohol or eating certain foods, including fast foods, can leave you deprived of sleep. Avoid sugar (it pumps up adrenaline levels, keeping you alert), spices (they cause uneasy acid reflux), and alcohol (induces sleep at first, but later disrupts it). Consume almond milk, turkey, eggs, and chocolate - sources of tryptophan, a natural sleep inducer. Eat right to sleep well.

Simple Ways To Figure Out If You Have Magnesium Deficiency

Drinking one too many sodas, alcoholic drinks, or cups of coffee can leach out the body's magnesium. Stress, certain drugs, and calcium supplements (without magnesium) cause magnesium depletion. Refined sugars have zero magnesium and promote its excretion instead. Insomnia, hyperactivity, muscle cramps, and facial tics are also warning signs of Mg deficiency.

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Prevent Diabetes

Genes you inherit may influence the development of diabetes, but the lifestyle choices you make are majorly responsible for its alarming increase. Bad lifestyle...

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol, On Your Own

Start rationing and then, cut back over time. Determine what your habit or ritual is and then break it - engage in another activity, find a replacement non-alcoholic beverage. To reduce anxiety and stress, cut down on your caffeine intake, up your intake of vegetables and Vit B, and take some anti-stress supplements. Be prepared, stop making excuses and motivate yourself to stay on track.

What Are The Natural Remedies For Treating Andropause?

Simple daily exercises like walking and jogging (20-30 mins) can boost muscle mass and strength. Avoid alcohol and processed foods. Add zinc-rich oysters and Vit B6 rich avocados to your diet to boost testosterone levels. Ginger tea is a good home remedy for treating joint pains during andropause. Keep stress levels low as it imbalances testosterone levels.

How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?

Age, body fat, frequency and dosage of the drug determine how long the drug stays in your body. Drug traces can be detected in blood, urine and hair. Alcohol stays in the blood for 12 hrs. Nicotine traces can be found in the blood for 3 days. Cocaine can be detected for 2 days. Heroin and Amphetamines stay in the body for 12 hrs. Methamphetamine stays for 36 hrs.

What Can You Do To Reduce Your Heart Age?

Heart age signifies how healthy your heart is and does not depend on age. To reduce heart age keep your blood pressure under 120/80 mm Hg. Keep a tab on cholesterol levels. Include fruits, omega 3s and low cholesterol foods to your diet. Maintain a healthy BMI, 18-25 for adults. Exercise regularly to maintain optimum blood sugar levels. Avoid smoking and alcohol.