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5 Mudras You Can Practice For Better Health

Our world has become extremely fast paced and so have our lives. The need for immediate results and answers have us on our toes...
Both white rice and brown rice can be good for you based on your body constitution, Agni, and dosha

Ayurveda On White Rice Vs Brown Rice

Rice is good for everyone – all year round! This means, despite your metabolic constitution or dosha, rice is a healing food. In Western nutrition, we...
Tackle Ama For Better Health

Tackle Ama For Better Health

The Ayurvedic term Ama means toxins or waste that blocks and suppresses our digestion and mental system. It weakens our metabolism and causes lethargy, depression, headache, acne, and arthritis in us. To prevent ama, eating the right quantity at the right time, and in-between meals are recommended. The Ayurveda talks about a lot of food combinations to follow and avoid, in order to prevent ama and protect your agni.

5 De-Stressing Yoga Mudras Which Can Be Done Anywhere

Yoga is globally accepted for treating several diseases and has been proved as a boon to many whose illness was otherwise thought impossible to...

How Can Ayurveda Spark Spontaneous Weight Loss

The effectiveness of any diet is directly related to a healthy digestive system and your dosha. Strengthening your digestion and making certain lifestyle changes according to you dosha will contribute majorly to losing weight. These few simple Ayurvedic steps will strengthen your body and spontaneously help lose weight.

Know When To Consume Ghee, It Makes A Difference

Consume ghee early in the meal when your vata dosha is high. It is easily digested by the vivid Agni, or digestive strength, at the beginning of a meal, boosting it as well. You can have ghee at the end of a meal when your food is spicy or hot and not if your meal ends in a coolant like curd or ice-cream. Have 1/2 cup hot water after eating ghee. Cure indigestion with buttermilk.

Ayurveda View: Digestion & The Five Elements Connection.

  Ayurveda views digestion with a little different twist. Ayurveda is based on the five element theory, which means that all matter and energy is...