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4 Aspects In Which Men And Women Have Varying Sexual Views

Extensive research conducted in the recent past shows varying sexual views between men and women in various aspects. Men have been found to show more interest in sex, fantasize more, masturbate more often, and be more aggressive sexually than women. Women, on the other hand, are more nurturing, tend toward more emotional intimacy in sexual relationships, and also alter their sexual beliefs more easily than men. These observations, however, are certainly not absolute.

4 Instances When Your Pets Need Therapy For Behavior Issues

Read your furry friend closely. Are they chewing their paws, barking, snarling, whining, destroying things, lying listlessly, or peeing in the house despite being toilet trained? If not caused by a disease, these behavior issues can be due to their lack of socialization and physical activity, fear, anxiety, or difficulty adjusting to a change in their environment. All of these need therapy.
How To Tell If Your Dog Is Stressed

13 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Pooch Is Stressed Out

Dogs are expressive beings. From the crazy wagging of their whole body along with the tail at the sight of you, to the guilty...
Here is some information about these common behavioral problems in cats

7 Behavioral Problems In Cats You Should Know About

Cats are wonderful, fun and furry friends that bring a lot of joy in your life. If you've been a long time cat owner, or...
ways to spot emotional manipulation

7 Ways To Spot Emotional Manipulation And Deal With It

The dynamics of any relationship whether it's in our personal or professional lives are complex. When any relationship involves a psychologically manipulative person, it becomes a very unhealthy place for anyone to be. Emotional manipulators are passive aggressive people who want to control people around them through gaslighting and other dirty tactics.
Warning Signs That Can Help You Identify A Sociopath

9 Warning Signs That Can Help You Identify A Sociopath

Sociopathy or anti-social personality disorder (ASP) is a mental health condition that is not very easy to identify by common people. Sociopaths can be right next to us and we wouldn’t even know. They usually have a poor inner sense of right and wrong, and they find it hard to understand or share the other person’s feelings. Some people with ASP may often display violent behavior. Learning to identify the signs can help you avoid such persons and potential danger.

7 Reasons Why Children Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Use Handheld Devices

In the last few decades, technology has drastically changed how human beings live and interact with each other. Compared to how things were 20 years...

Washing Dishes Mindfully May Enhance Your Well-Being

Practicing mindfulness in simple everyday tasks to big projects, can actually help relax the mind, reduce the risk for stress-related ailments and promote mental...
Should I Cut Down On My Video Game Habit?

Should I Cut Down On My Video Game Habit?

You are addicted if you cannot control time spent, always talk or think about gaming, experience withdrawal or denial symptoms and use it to escape emotional problems. It can heighten aggressive behavior, lead to social isolation, affect joints in the neck, back and shoulder, disturb sleep and verbal cognition. Moderate use can improve problem solving skills.

4 Toxic Traits Of Stress

When faced with stress, your mind deploys coping strategies based on what has worked in the past. Over time these become imbibed as a trait. Displaying helplessness is also a trait that people use to get out of tricky situations. People will use aggression, dominance or develop a personality where they feign ignorance and avoid getting into conflict with others.
5 Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Skin.

5 Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Skin

Deodorant soaps and long hot water baths can kill cholesterol and ceramides on the surface of the skin which can allow chemicals to enter the skin. Aggressively wiping dry after bath can cause friction and scaling on skin. Strong face peels can remove a layer of the skin leaving it more open and don't avoid sunscreen during winter, UV rays are still dangerous.