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7 Healthy Foods That May Be Responsible For Weight Gain

To maintain a healthy body weight, consume healthy foods in moderation. Breakfast cereals, gluten-free products, vegan cheese, and agave nectar contain refined carbs and sugars that may contribute to unexpected weight gain. Similarly, having too many avocados and adding too much coconut oil to your food increase your calories resulting in weight gain. Trail mixes are healthy snacks but going overboard with them may disappoint you.
Some Healthy Foods Can Cause Your Blood Sugar To Rise

7 Healthy Foods To Avoid If You’re Concerned About Your Blood Sugar

If you are diabetic or have high blood sugar levels, you might have already started controlling your diet. People who have high blood sugar...

Trouble Managing Diabetes? Avoid These 9 Foods

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition affecting your overall health. Managing it by keeping a check on carbohydrates and saturated fat intake is the key. This is done by avoiding foods with simple carbs, sugary drinks, packaged and baked products, fried foods, and full-fat dairy. Dried fruits and sweeteners like honey though are naturally healthy, should be avoided.

The Top 10 Worst Food Ingredients To Avoid Like The Plague

Most natural food or ingredients usually have a short-shelf life. However, those yummy noodles you slurp, packet of chips you crave for and canned...
5 Top Natural Sweeteners To Consume Without The Guilt

5 Top Natural Sweeteners To Consume Without The Guilt

Stevia - zero calorie sweetener. Choose whole leaf stevia. Raw Honey - Choose unprocessed raw honey. Blackstrap Molasses - Good source of calcium, magnesium, B-6, manganese, potassium and iron. Maple Syrup - Contains calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. Dried fruit - Source of fiber, Vit A, vit B-6, riboflavin, magnesium, and copper. Avoid Agave Syrup.
Agave Nectar: Is it Really A Healthy Substitute?

Agave Nectar: Is it Really A Healthy Substitute For Sugar?

Agave is the newest of the wonder foods found in Central America. Much like the acai berry and mangosteen fruit, agave has been used...
The Not So Pretty Truth About Agave Syrup.

The Not So Pretty Truth About Agave Syrup.

For years I’ve been speaking and writing about the problem of excess sugar in the diet. I’ve also been alerting people to the so-called...