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9 Strategies You Should Know To Fight Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy

The vast majority of pregnant women love to hear strategies for dealing with nausea and vomiting. These culprits ruin your happiness during the first...

4 Amazing Stomach-Soothing Nausea Remedies

Nausea can be triggered by a number of factors ranging from physiological to emotional factors as well as body balance issues. A long trip to a hill station by car or a late night dinner can make you feel nauseated in the morning. Lemon juice, ginger, herbal teas with ginger, or peppermint are some of the options available in your kitchen as a remedy. Massaging the relevant acupressure points or just some fresh air are some of the readily available remedies.
acupressure for impotence in men

5 Acupressure Points To Treat Impotence In Men Naturally

Acupressure stimulates the neurovascular system to function better by improving circulation. Blocked energy, blood or lymph can be the reason for impotence in men. Self-acupressure on points like the conception vessel 3 and 4 and kidney 12 on the abdomen have been proven to be beneficial for boosting sexual health in men. Even on the ankles, the spleen 6 and kidney 3 points are considered to be very effective for the same.

6 Ancient Recuperation Practices For New Mothers

Being a new mother can be very hard on the mind and body of the mother. So it is important to practice some of the ancient techniques that make the new mother's body and mind feel relaxed and healthy. These practices were used in the ancient times as a remedy for this very same purpose. They are eating healing foods, acupressure, self massage, root lock breath, makara mudra and the various yoga asanas intended for this problem and also balance out the hormones.

Enhance Your Child’s Physical And Mental Well-being Through Yogic Wisdom

The yogic practices are there for a reason, they are there to help enhance the mind and body health of your child. It is also possible to stop or significantly reduce the gland issues that a child may possess during a certain period in his/her life. These practices help regulate the gland and hormonal activity and help keep the body and mind at a balance. Those practices are the acupressure therapy, mudra healing, chakra balancing and the chakra balancing practice.

6 Immune-Boosting Traditional Practices To Prevent Disease

Immune-boosting acupressure can activate self-healing for optimum well-being and stimulate detoxification. Linga Mudra promotes self-healing and strengthens the body’s resistance to disease. The dog breath exercise oxygenates the body, purifies the tissues to fight disease, and empowers the immune system. Turmeric, tulsi, garlic, ashwagandha, and neem are herbs that help improve immune system. Follow immune-boosting tips and exercises to strengthen our endrocrine glands.

6 Ancient Indian Practices To Heal Back Pain And Sciatica

Try acupressure therapy for sciatica and back pain thrice every day. Doing the Back Mudra thrice a day helps strengthen the back. Make a pain relieving balm with organic ghee and cayenne pepper, and apply it on the affected areas. A hot ginger bath is good for joint pain. Taping crystals like smoky quartz to the affected areas gives pain relief. Drinking 8 to 12 glasses of cold, pressed juices like cherry juice is raw juice therapy for severe pain.

Traditional Indian Remedies For Allergies And Food Intolerance

Modern day allergies and food intolerance can naturally be healed by Indian remedies. Acupressure relieves symptoms of allergy attacks, balances thyroid and adrenal glands, and calms immune system. Bhramara mudra calms an over-active nervous and immune system to prevent allergies. Sun salutation warms the body and activates the mind. Moon salutation cools the body and calms the mind. Nature's remedies detoxify the glands, prevent allergies, and decongest the digestive and respiratory system. Chakra-clearing exercise is also effective.

6 Indian Healing Practices To Alleviate Depression

In ancient India, nature’s rhythms were highly respected and it was common to practice mind, body, spirit healing to align the body’s energies with...

Awaken Your Sacral Chakra To Attract Love And Abundance

Our body is a latticework of energies. When our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies flow freely throughout our chakras, we follow our life...
Acupressure points for headaches

8 Acupressure Points To Get Rid Of Headaches

To relieve tension headaches, try acupressure on the UB10 points at the nape of your neck. For migraines, press the GB20 at the back of the skull where the neck muscles join the skull. For sinus headaches, press the BL2 pressure points at the end of the eyebrows above the bridge of the nose. For neck pain, press the LI4 point at the groove behind your knuckles, between your ring finger and little finger.

9 Natural Ways To Induce Labor

After waiting for 37 weeks of gestation, when you are ready to have a baby, it might be comfortably snuggled in your womb and...

4 Anti-Aging Indian Therapies For The Body And Mind

In India, anti-aging therapies are holistic practices to strengthen the body’s energies to prevent disease, rejuvenate the body and mind to delay the natural...

Natural Anti-Aging Tricks For A Beautiful Skin

Massage your skin gently with a mix of olive oil and carrot seed oil followed by a rinse with lukewarm water. It will help remove dirt, residue of makeup easily while helping your skin retain moisture. Equally beneficial will be slathering on some honey, or rubbing a fresh piece of papaya or avocado against your face. Add skin superfoods like almonds, berries to your diet.

What Does Walking Barefoot Do For Your Mind?

Walking barefoot, be it on the beach or in the park, is an oft-romanticized notion. It seems to bring out a better side in us – calm, relaxed and happier. The reality is that the nerves in our soles do touch our soul so to speak, especially affecting memory and balance.